Sometimes it’s very important to take some time off and be alone, to think about things; to ponder, reevaluate and just get deeply in contact with yourself again. It’s vitally important to be “selfish” in that way. Especially if you’re going through a transformational ... Continue reading here

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After I announced on my website that I will be going to India in January 2016 I have received wonderful emails and other support regarding the trip and I wanted to write a few words to you, to all of you who have sent love my way.  Thank you to everyone who’s supported me (some of you have been ... Continue reading here

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I arrived here yesterday and did the usual routine to get myself feel at home and then in the evening I went for a longer walk with my new dog-friend Louis before I went to bed really early, I was so tired. This morning I woke up early and went for a long walk with Louis and later I’ll explore... Continue reading here

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“Dear Maria, Thank you for your explanation on the Google+ community page! The reader is referring to this post: I guess most people just don’t get it; hell, I barely get it I do understand it mentally and I then fully agree with yo... Continue reading here

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I am full of love and gratitude Things has been a little bit up in the air for a week or so but now things are falling into place. Decisions has been made and plans has been set in motion in regards to where I’ll be staying until I travel to India and when I will travel etc. I am so happy ... Continue reading here

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I have been pondering this for a while – how do I write this article? How do I explain this? So I just begin writing and see what words comes forth. For a while now I have felt the increasing awareness or realization that I don’t want to call myself anything in particular but for practical ... Continue reading here

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I’m Going To India

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A while ago I started to get this really strong pull towards going traveling and the countries that came up for me was Peru and India and I pondered this for a while, did some research and felt more and more drawn to India and now the decision has become clear to me: I have decided to go solo trave... Continue reading here

Questions About Self-Inquiry and Self-Realization Continuing from PART 1/2:  “Who Is The Doer?” Yes, it is paradoxical as you mentioned in your email too – this whole journey is very paradoxical indeed. While there is no doer we should live as if there ... Continue reading here

Questions About Self-Inquiry and Self-Realization “It is this whole domain of questions that has been tripping me up for a while now. I can’t seem to penetrate to the truth of it all. For example: Who wakes up? At the present time the answer that makes the most sense is that there can̵... Continue reading here

It’s through difficult times that our true spirit reveals itself. You might not have anybody on your side that believes in you, or to even encourage you when things are really challenging – but as you have the courage to stay true to yourself your true nature will come forth and show itself ... Continue reading here

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Just a little update about my whereabouts at the moment I have just come back to Competa again but not to the same place; you can read more about how I ended up here again in this post: I will be here until end of August where I will be taking care of an ... Continue reading here

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Sometimes life takes a completely different turn that we had anticipated or even planned, and the immediate reaction from our human perspective is to go “oh, no, this can’t be happening, what do I do now?”. But as we lean towards what Life is trying to do through its sudden twists ... Continue reading here

Spiritual Awakening and Having Desires Where did your zest for life go in this whole awakening thing? Do you deny your life experience because you believe (conceptually) that it doesn’t really exist because some Guru or spiritual teacher told you so, so what’s the use of doing anything? ... Continue reading here

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The Ego Lives On Fear I recently met someone who was upset with me because I wasn’t being upset about the world or about my own challenges in regards to having no home at the moment and so on. That I could actually be peaceful about it, and when I told them that I’m not worried at all t... Continue reading here

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I kind of enjoy challenging people’s ego’s at times (that includes my own; that’s what part of “self-inquiry” is, it’s about challenging the ego’s ideas and beliefs), it amuses me at times and usually we can all laugh about it together when we see through o... Continue reading here

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“Could you write something about the quiet phases, what they are good for and how to make the most of them?” It’s Important To Honor Both The Low and High Energy Days.. Both are equally important: The periods of activity and also the quiet periods of rest and integration where no ... Continue reading here

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How Do I Get My Awakening Back? “.. losing the enlightened perspective I had… to have it all vanish is devastating. I was transformed, I was a completely new and better me and then reverted back to the old me in a matter of weeks. I wish there were resources or info of people who have had ... Continue reading here

People generally identify themselves with what they do, their work or occupation, or their name and body, and some people define themselves according to the roles they play such as for example being a parent or husband or wife and so on. Others see themselves as devoted followers of this or that Gur... Continue reading here

How to function and be in a confined or restricted environment while going through an awakening process There’s a few things that came to mind for me when I read the email and that is first and foremost that whatever environment we find ourselves in, and especially if it’s a place where ... Continue reading here

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