Most people choose to go with the ego voice, totally oblivious of the fact that it is deceiving them. The awareness you have of it (higher self-awareness) is what is going to help you transcend it. Every time a person is about to make a choice that will alter their life in a some way the false self ... Continue reading here

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Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we have, and having a compassionate one touches every aspect of life and is the foundation for all good things. Self-love and self-respect is vital to living a good, enjoyable life and from there all good things happen and flow na... Continue reading here


Stalk Your Fear

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Instead of running away from your fears, meet them! So many people are giving away their power to their fear instead of meeting and dealing with it. Here’s what to do when feeling overwhelmed with fear: Turn towards it and say something like “Okay, ‘fear’, let’s look at... Continue reading here

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New Moon Solar Eclipse Healing Session in February 2017. But first; Three months and 7 distant group healing sessions later – let’s do a little review! Some of you have participated in several of the sessions and some of you once or twice. Today I want to invite you to do a little review... Continue reading here

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“This above all: to thine own self be true” – W. Shakespeare In any situation when you feel that something is off or uncomfortable, ask yourself if you’re being true to yourself. And if you are true to yourself you might be worrying about what other people think of you beca... Continue reading here

Are you continuously asking yourself what your big purpose in life is? Here’s the answer to that question: Your purpose in life is to follow what Life wants to do through you in this moment. Mystery solved. Many people make a huge thing out of looking and searching for their big “life purpo... Continue reading here

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There are no limits to what healing can help resolve. Healing can help release fear, worry and anxiety, and help you center yourself in the here and now, empower you, and much more. Healing sessions can help you: Release doubt, exhaustion, confusion, fear, worry, anxiety, anger, and other emotional ... Continue reading here

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There is no better way to live than a life true to yourself