About six weeks ago I made a decision to transform aspects of my life and now six weeks later I’m really happy to share with you what has happened! The benefits have truly been life changing for me and I can honestly tell you that where I’m at today in my mind and body is by far the bes... Continue reading here


Bye Bye Alcohol

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I’ve ditched alcohol as well! I effin’ LOVE this transformational journey I’m on! I just love, love, love it! Recently I have felt an increasing desire to ditch alcohol and this morning I made the final decision that it longer can have any place in my life. I didn’t drink often b... Continue reading here

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My God have I had (and still have) an amazing new path unfolding before me and I’m loving it! 🙂 It has been 5 intense weeks of learning and implementing new ways since I changed my diet and became a vegetarian (again) and I also stopped drinking coffee and eating sugar and processed food. ... Continue reading here

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Can Spiritual Awakening Go Wrong? This is a reply to the reader who I wrote the last article for called “What To Do After A Spiritual Awakening Experience”. (You can find it here: mariaerving.com/after-spiritual-awakening-experience) The reader wrote me back and asked: “Can an awakening go wr... Continue reading here

Reader: “I got very tired after my spiritual awakening. I still am a little after starting a new job. What happens after awakening- what do I do now – Just keep meditating?” Maria: Dear Reader, Thank you for sending in your question. However, questions about tiredness (in relation to being aw... Continue reading here

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Dearest Maria, I find myself sometimes roaming the ‘symptoms of awakening’ in the belly of Mr. Google. Although having an infinite trust in the process I guess sometimes I want some clarity in the body-mind happenings. Things as growing a dementia (not really, but still) as my brain doe... Continue reading here

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Why Does My Spiritual Practices No Longer Feel Relevant? “After meditation in the morning, I regularly do Namaste with bowing down to the images of God and an ancient Guru. Normally while doing it with eyes closed, I easily recalled their pictures before my eyes. This is my habit. Recently I a... Continue reading here

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Let Go? If something is not working in your life (relationship, career, job etc) or if you have been hoping that something will happen or come to a fruition but still hasn’t, then ask yourself this simple question and be attentive to what your gut is tel... Continue reading here

Today I had my first cup of coffee in three weeks and while it tasted good I did not like the effect of it and actually now that I’m writing this I’m looking forward to have the caffeine out of my system. Since three weeks back I’ve changed and experimented with my diet (no dairy, ... Continue reading here

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Three weeks ago I stopped eating bread, pasta, sugar, processed food etc and started to eat plenty of fruits, seeds, nuts, and vegetables instead. Less salt too (almost no salt actually) – and no coffee (yes, you read right, I ditched coffee too 🙂 ) And I feel great! I have not missed sugar ... Continue reading here

“In deep meditation I surrender everything and there is nothing, no sense of body, no image, no me, no thoughts… nothing but only stillness… and vastness and the feeling of relaxation is there. The feeling remains after the meditation also say for 24 hours but whenever I start my ... Continue reading here

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“Recently I have been feeling a lot of symptoms, which I must say came after very deep healing sessions. The physical symptoms are very random and change everyday. They can be about old wounds and hurts. It could be headaches one day, to blurry vision another, to joint pains and stomach aches... Continue reading here

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For a couple of days now I have been reading, watching videos and listening to people for hours and hours online and I’ve decided that not only am I a vegetarian again but I’m also ditching all dairy products! The reason is strictly ethical because I have learned that there simply are n... Continue reading here

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Some of the misconceptions of enlightenment is that you become more compassionate and loving and that’s not true at all, awakening has actually nothing to do with love or being or becoming anything. You don’t “become” anything, a better version of yourself or something like that. Y... Continue reading here

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I wanted to continue on the topic I wrote about in this article: mariaerving.com/why-do-bad-things-happen because, .. well, I felt inspired to! 🙂 This is a perfect example by the way of how Life does its thing through us without us having the whole picture of why it happens the way it does. Why... Continue reading here

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A reader asked me a question that I was inspired to write something about: “I was wondering if you could speak more about your words, “whatever Life wants, Life will get… I’ve read this many times in different ways, and while it seems quite obvious, I was wondering if you could speak mo... Continue reading here

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When you have gone beyond the ego self, gone beyond all gods etc (realizing there is no God), gone beyond beliefs and concepts etc it’s a very difficult thing to share your experience of life with others, that’s why I don’t write as much as I used to do. The ‘after’ pa... Continue reading here

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Children give Santa life by imagination, that’s pretty obvious and we can all see that, but look a bit further and you’ll see how millions of people all over the world are also giving their gods life by their imagination and it’s by the very same mechanism! Beliefs are what keeps t... Continue reading here

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I’m back in Europe and it feels great! 🙂 You have to tolerate a lot when traveling in India and some weeks ago I came to the point where I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.  There’s a couple of things about India that has been more challenging than any other thing and that&#... Continue reading here

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I’m back in Cherrapunjee for the second time and will stay here for a week or so. Cherrapunjee is called the “wettest place on earth” because it rains a lot here. It’s a very small village but there’s a lot to see here (or around the area) and the nature is gorgeous. The first... Continue reading here

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You’ll encounter electricity issues everywhere in India but I would say that the northeast has been the worst so far in my travelings. First I want to mention Sikkim. There were constant power-cuts (many per day) and the internet/WiFi connection and phone signal was really bad, and in Meghal... Continue reading here

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To get to Sikkim takes longer than than it takes to get back to West Bengal again (due to having to show your passport and Sikkim permit in Melli) and the roads are better on the way down because the Jeeps go directly to Siliguri. It takes about eight hours from Siliguri to Geyzing with shared Jeep ... Continue reading here

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