22 reasons why you should write your dreams and goals down on paper

  1. Thoughts get easily forgotten and lost in everyday life – We think lots of thoughts everyday; about 60 000 of them everyday!
  2. By writing our goals down on paper, we are clarifying what is most important to us.
  3. Writing down our goals and dreams eliminates distraction.
  4. It helps us have a reference point of in what direction we want to go.
  5. It becomes a personal road map to have our goals written down.
  6. It helps us review our goals and progress every day.
  7. By writing we become focused and specific; our thoughts become crystallized.
  8. Therefor we can more easily see the larger picture and create manageable smaller steps to achieve our goals.
  9. We are able to put our thoughts in categories and decide what is most necessary on a daily basis.
  10. It becomes easier to take action! (easier to see what needs to be done)
  11. It’s great for time management. By breaking down the steps and taking concise action. (to-do-lists)
  12. Planning get so much easier when you have an overview of your thoughts and goals.
  13. You will become more organized in your approach to reach your goals.
  14. By writing down our dreams, it helps us define them. (and you naturally engage all your senses, which makes it all more attractive to the universe)
  15. Writing them down gives your subconscious mind a clear target.
  16. It gives your subconscious mind a clear message and it will start to seek-and-find the easiest way for you to reach your goals and dreams.
  17. Writing down your goals and dreams will help build positive expectancy; you begin to see it’s doable.
  18. It shows commitment to yourself, that you intend to achieve your goals.
  19. It makes us accountable to ourselves and we feel good when we see the progress moving forward on paper when we tick of things on our to-do-list.
  20. It’s a powerful declaration to ourselves; an intention, and we all know that intentions rule the world… 🙂
  21. The written word provides an anchor to you. Having a mission statement for example helps you get back to basics if you’d ever feel lost or unfocused.
  22. Writing down your goals and dreams and keeping the paper in front of you, with you, on your bath room mirror, will constantly remind you of what your goals and dreams are and thus you will become laser-focused!
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Maria Erving

I'm a Transformational Teacher and Healer. My work is dedicated to help people to the next level whether they’re in a spiritual awakening process or they are ready and committed to transform their lives for the better.

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