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Q: ”I have a question about how to work with strong emotions. I had a spiritual opening some years ago and since then I have had very strong emotions of anger and sadness that I can’t seem to let go of. My intuition tells me that the only way to move through these emotions is by expressing ... Continue reading here

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Letting Emotions Flow Through You; Don’t Avoid Them! I remember when I went to drug-rehab about 10-11 years ago and began my healing; one of the things with me was that I could be perceived as intimidating to people with my temperament, which obviously was very much emphasized with all the dru... Continue reading here

I remember many years ago when I went through a process of releasing my past, or better said; my need to know my past, as I had suppressed large blocks of my childhood. I knew there were a lot of trauma, and that my mind had blocked out whatever it was in order to protect me. A lot of therapy and be... Continue reading here

Learning how to not listen to the ego voices in your head. “I feel like I have this board of directors in my head. I realize it’s one thing. It’s my ego. Anyway, it seems to be made up of all these different people. They all have their own ideas, feelings, thoughts, emotions etc.... Continue reading here

“Do You Have To Be “Healthy” (or Vegan/Vegetarian) To Be Spiritual?” part 1/4 can be found here.  We have to all find our own way with the food and drinks we consume. Another controversial thing among “spiritual people” is the drinking of alcohol. That is a big no-no in... Continue reading here


Be a Rebel Zen Master

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The mind has to be jolted from the norm in order to grow and transform. That’s why I sometimes write or say something that is intentionally meant to poke, provoke, confront, and challenge the ego. My intention with pushing the ego’s buttons is always to break up limited ego patterns bec... Continue reading here

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“Does God hate me? Because that’s what it feels like sometimes!” This article is the second part of a 2 part series. The first article can be found here: “Why is the awakening process so painful? Does God hate me?” My reply: Let’s begin at the beginning of your em... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.