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This is part 3/3 of this article series. Part 2/3 can be found here: “How to move from Darkness to Light” You wrote: “I’ve surrendered and yet I feel like there’s still more for me to surrender. I feel like I’m authentic in waving the white flag – I’m ... Continue reading here

Spiritual surrender is not defeat, it’s victory, it sets you free. You may have come to surrender by feeling defeated, when you have exhausted all your resources and ways of making life “work”. When you’ve come to the point where there’s nothing more you can do and you ... Continue reading here

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How do you surrender? If you’re in the spiritual awakening process then you know that surrender is a huge part of the process (it’s essential) but it’s also usually the last thing we come to do. And it can take years before we get to that point, and once we’ve surrendered it... Continue reading here

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Spiritual surrender is not about giving up or letting go of your ultimate “goal” (to fully live out your souls unique expression) or the purpose that you know Life has given you; the vision that you know Life wants to express through you, but it’s about letting go of the attachments to how... Continue reading here

Do we have free will, or not? What an intriguing question, isn’t it? Today I want to give away this weeks Teleclass for free to all members of and to everyone on my mailing list. Simply log in to access the recording here on this page. (It’s only visible once you log in.)... Continue reading here

In this week’s Teleclass I will be talking about surrendering to the will of God and letting the Spirit of God help you on your path; the Spirit of God that lives inside of you. Surrendering to the higher power within us is a huge part of our spiritual journey, and not only that, but overall; ... Continue reading here

When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the Universe. This is true oneness.