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Worry Less and Live More

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Don’t Let Fear and Worry Rule Your Life If you have been playing ‘a waiting game’ concerning your life, then stop, right now, and become aware of all the signs that are all around you pointing the way to a better life. The signs are always there and it’s up to us to seize the moment ... Continue reading here

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Instead of getting all entangled in worrying, see it as the perfect opportunity for you to observe your ego-mind, how it’s always ‘not here’, but in the future or past. Either it’s wallowing in guilt or resentment about some past events or worrying about an imagined future wh... Continue reading here

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How To Stop Worrying About Money

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I received a question from a reader and he writes about being exhausted by constantly worrying about money. Here’s snippets of what he wrote: “’s driving me nuts and I’ve been struggling with this for 20 years of marriage.. We have had as little as 200 dollars in savings acc... Continue reading here

Life does not flow to us, it flows through us, and when that is seen clearly we cease to give any external, created things, any power. But as long as there’s a belief in something external that we think has power and authority over us (and that will bring to us what we desire and need) we invi... Continue reading here

One thing that comes with a deeper sense of knowing oneself and with spiritual evolution is that worry and fear is not present like it may have been before. I know with all my heart that whatever is meant to happen, will happen, so there’s nothing to worry about. Sure, frustration still comes ... Continue reading here

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How the ego prevents you from hearing your true voice. Part 1/3 in this article series can be read here: “I’m tormented by ego voices in my head!” Let’s continue: You wrote: “.. and in the end I end up doing nothing. I feel like I am so tormented by my ego. I don’t know how to let i... Continue reading here

Learning how to not listen to the ego voices in your head. “I feel like I have this board of directors in my head. I realize it’s one thing. It’s my ego. Anyway, it seems to be made up of all these different people. They all have their own ideas, feelings, thoughts, emotions etc.... Continue reading here

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