A few words about “Ask Maria” and my work


Regarding “Ask Maria”:

Since I opened it up for everyone (more about that HERE), most of the questions I receive are from people who have not yet grown beyond the level of mainstream and new age spirituality.

So to clarify a few things;

Please don’t write me and ask me why you see a certain number everywhere/all the time, or if I can ask the angels to send you money.

Also don’t ask me if you will ever get back with your ex or if you will meet your soulmate soon etc.

Don’t send me questions about things like that. 

My work and writings are about spiritual awakening and (life/personal and spiritual) transformation and growth.

If you have any questions about your awakening process or any other life challenges and transformational processes in life, then you’re more than welcome to contact me.

Otherwise, please don’t. 

Moving on to the second thing I feel I need to clarify;

Regarding my work and private session with me:

Please don’t contact me if you’re suicidal.

My work is not a counseling/therapy service or a treatment for suicidal thoughts or psychiatric problems.

For those types of issues I suggest counseling or psychotherapy instead.

I’m well aware that some people that go through an awakening process can have (serious) suicidal thoughts, but I’m not the right person to contact since I don’t work with people who seriously want to kill themselves. 

Therefore, if you’re having suicidal thoughts, contact a qualified healthcare professional or dial the appropriate emergency number of your country or go immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room.

My work is for healthy people who are seeking spiritual guidance, life direction, coaching/mentoring and meaningful change and transformation in their lives. 

spiritual awakening guidance

My work is about spiritual awakening and transformation of consciousness (personal and spiritual growth).

Spiritual Teacher Maria Erving

Transformational Sessions:

(Via Skype or in person)

Private sessions provide deep insights into your specific life situation so that you can experience spiritual and personal breakthroughs and shifts in consciousness.

Introductory offer:

First time clients in Spain receives a 50% discount on single sessions!

NEW in Spain from November: 

»Transformational Healing Package.

(Distant Healing Package available as well: Learn more HERE).

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  1. Volodymyr says:

    Hello, Maria!

    It’s Volodymyr. You supported me on my so called “spiritual journey” or “transformational path” or whatever we may call it some months before (don’t really remember how much time has already passed since that period).

    But I believe you still hold somewhere in your memory my e-mails.

    The fact is you answered my questions just for free without membership assignment and I really very very much appreciated it, and I still do (As so I still don’t have a job and live with my parents, that was why I couldn’t become a member).

    I don’t know why I decided to write you today, just felt some impulse from the inside.

    So let’s move on. I want, no, I NEED you to know that I am very thankful to you for everything you’ve done for me! And for the hundreds of others who also feel stuck and disconnected from life during this dark burning process.

    Sometimes I visit your web-site and read some articles and they are the best articles on spirituality that can possibly exist! Truly! Just believe me, ’cause I’ve seen maybe hundreds of them and all they are bullshit compared to what you do:)

    You must know it! For example, yesterday I read one of your topics while being completely despaired and so very tired and weared off… After I read it I cried nearly half an hour.

    Thank You for that, ’cause after I cried the despair gone away (but just to come back tomorrow, but we both know that it’s the way it happens:) They make my dirt to come to the surface and it’s awesome!:)

    I still do cry almost everyday as a madman with a broken soul (today nearly an hour of crying divided onto two parts of nearly 30 minutes long), my mind is like completely out of control of what is happening and that is so hellishly hard.

    Inner fire becomes so strong that I can’t even describe it using words. But often when the Ego comes to me once again I say to myself: “Hey, Dude, if Maria to be here she would simply smile and say – Volodymyr, be patient, that is only the Ego, not the truth nor the reality at all!” And it helps me so much!:)

    Just really thank you for all that you do and how nicely and wisely you do it! Keep on! You’re very talented in that kind of activity.

    I wanted you to know that I’m very thankful to you still! For everything!

    I pray (or meditate, or don’t know how to name it ’cause now I completely don’t beLIEve in the outer god concept) for your wealth, both inner and outer, and I do believe the source hears me, because these words are one of the most sincere words I have ever written.

    This is the byproduct of being in hell – the sincerity, in my past (before the awakening began) I couldn’t even imagine it:)

    So, in the end, I want to say that I still move on, regardless of all the difficulties and almost unbearable things that this path brings to my awareness from the inside ego’s dark territory.

    I hope some day I shall cross that damn threshold and will simply remember the now period with a childish smile on my face!:)

    All the blessings of the world to you, Maria!

    God bless you!

    p.s. When that apocalyptic ride will end I’d like to write a topic for your web-site just to share my experience with others (of course if you don’t mind:), maybe it will help someone too.

    And never never forget:

    For me you are the angel, just always remember it! Doesn’t matter what happens:)


  2. Maria Erving says:

    Good to hear from you again Volodomyr, and thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    It was so wonderful to read it this morning, it really put a big smile on my face.

    I’m glad to hear that our connection has been helpful to you in your journey and that things are going well with you despite of the sometimes grueling process of awakening.

    Thank you again for following the nudge from the universe to send this comment to me. It was (is) much appreciated.

    Please check your inbox for a private email from me.

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