All in One SEO WordPress Plugin (What It Is And How To Use It)

What Is The All In One SEO PluginThat You Need For Your WordPress Blog And How Does It Work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps you if you want to have many readers; it helps you get more traffic to your WordPress blog. This plugin is essential.

With it you can also add even more key words to your post and re-create the title so you have two different titles to the same post/article. More about that later in the post.

After you have installed the All in One SEO Plugin on your blog, you will be prompt to follow the steps, you can’t miss it; a red box comes up that lets you know where the settings are.

You can use my settings for one of my old blogs, see pic below.

Just go through the settings and set them as I have done.

Of course you need to put in your own info and keywords, but these images is just to show you how it is done. 

Moving on to how to use it when you write a new post.

Here’s an example:

Here’s a picture of how it looks where I wrote a post and what the title is. The title should always describe what you write about clearly as Google fins it easier if you use key words in your post (or article).

NOTE: See how the link looks like that I have underlined with read? That’s where you can set the permalink to look better and more SEO friendly.

For example:

The title on this post is (as you can see on the pic): “All in One SEO WordPress Plugin (What It Is And How To Use It)”

This title clearly describes what the article is about and I deliberately chose key words such as WordPress, Plugin and so on, so that Google finds it easily.

If I had chose to write a title called “Here’s a great plugin” for example Google (and online surfers) wouldn’t know what I mean and so you need to be clear when you write a title.

So,.. back to the SEO plugin.

With this plugin you can have TWO titles to the same post, which makes it even better for SEO purposes!

After you have written your post, scroll down on the same page where you are writing the post and there you have the SEO option.

Here you can write another great title for your post, like I have done as you can see below. (“How To Use The All in One SEO Plugin For WordPress”; same post, two titles)


Also, here you can add additional keywords so that Google (and people who surf the net) find your articles easier.

Which, by the way, you should ALWAYS do – do not skip this part. I have a few really great articles out there on the net that I wrote in the beginning of my blogging where I didn’t know about keywords. (And I haven’t taken the time to look them up and edit them yet..)

No matter how great they are, not many people find them because I didn’t use this option, so make sure you do this.

When you’re done writing your post, click “publish” and your post(s) is out there on the net to be found by Google!


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