Are You Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty? (Vegetable Garden: Week 3)


As promised; here’s a little update on my vegetable garden 😀

We’re in week three now (planted the seeds on June 26-27th) and today was the first time I had a look at how it grows and also decided to do some weeding. ( Have not done anything with it until now).

Here’s how it looked before and after weeding: (Click on images to see larger)

You have to pull out the weed completely, including the root.

It take some time, but if you pull the up completely they don’t grow that fast and you don’t need to weed it as often. It definitely takes some work, but it’s also very relaxing and I personally don’t mind getting my hands dirty at all 🙂 Phew!

Here’s how it looks now after I’m done with the weeding for this time: (Put the white thing over the garden again when you’re done).

Some of the veggies has come up already, while some others take a while longer:

I did some other gardening as well…

And after a few hours of garden work, I had a nice yummy salad on the porch 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this little update!

If you missed the first one where I described how to create your own vegetable garden, you’ll find the post here:


I’ll keep you updated on how it goes 🙂

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  1. Micke C says:

    Hej Maria!
    Kul att se dina plantor, minns förra sommaren när vi skördade till middagen!
    I morgon och jag till Halmstad en vecka.
    Ha det gott!

  2. Maria Erving says:

    Hej Micke!

    Ja, ar roligt att se dem vaxa.

    Trots det regniga vadret sa verkar de ha det bra, ser fram emot skording – mums mums! 🙂

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  5. mary lessis says:

    when I look at you in the pictures I can see the sun shining, both pictures of you. and of course your garden is to die for ..

  6. Maria Erving says:

    We have a really great landlord and are very blessed to have the garden and backyard to use to our vegetable garden:)

    This year we have also grown carrots with different colors, I have never seen anything like that before so it’s going to be fun to see how they look (and taste!)

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