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The messenger is never the Truth

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Life has a way of speaking to us on an individual level. When you follow the thread and theme of your current now-moment, deep layers of information becomes available to you. Many, many deep layers that are always available to you.  So discernment has to be developed too, not just awareness, becaus... Continue reading here

Twin flames, soulmates, and other flame mates. Dear Maria, I met my twin flame earlier this year but we are now in separation and he won’t communicate with me. I have tried so hard to forget him and move on, but his energy is so strong. I am wanting to manifest the following: I am a powerfu... Continue reading here

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Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Healing Sessions. Come and see me in Ronda, Spain, for series of transformational healing sessions. Healing helps you get aligned with your own natural flow. Flow enables you to enjoy a fuller and more productive life, and when you’re in flow with yourself, you live... Continue reading here

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NEW! First time clients in Spain receives a 50% discount on single sessions! This offer is only available between November 15 and the year out (2017). Single session without healing: 65 € Single session with healing: 105 € Book early and get in touch already today! Home visits also possibl... Continue reading here

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“Is it possible to change destiny, and if so, how do I do that?” In my life I have experienced that certain things are just out of our control but every time I feel like surrendering or giving up the universe shows me signs that I can get what I want. Consulting astrologers and readers I hav... Continue reading here

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Spiritual (and life) Guidance: “Ask Maria” is currently FREE to use for anyone due to upcoming website changes! More about that in mid-October 2017, stay tuned. The articles I write in response to my readers until then will be open to the public (non-members/everyone). You can ask me anything ... Continue reading here

What’s the difference between worry and concern? Concern is a healthy and natural response while worry is unhealthy and useless. You can be concerned about someones welfare for example without worrying about them. If your teenage daughter has not come home yet and it’s over midnight tha... Continue reading here

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This is part 3/3 of this article series. Part 2/3 can be found here: “How to move from Darkness to Light” You wrote: “I’ve surrendered and yet I feel like there’s still more for me to surrender. I feel like I’m authentic in waving the white flag – I’m ... Continue reading here


How to move from Darkness to Light

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This article is part 2/3, and the first part can be read here: “What to do when you feel lost and don’t know anything anymore” You wrote: “I’m going through a transition. I am lost and do not know anything anymore. In a nutshell, pretty much everything that used to make me ... Continue reading here

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Lost in Transition Dear Maria, I’m going through a transition. I am lost and do not know anything anymore. In a nutshell, pretty much everything that used to make me go “zing-zing” has gone “pfffftttttttt”. :) I’ve surrendered and yet I feel like there’s s... Continue reading here

Have you ever thought about where your cat or dog goes if something happens to you? Are you assuming someone in your family or your BFF will take care of them? If my family assumed that I would take care of their dogs if something happened to them they would be very disappointed, so assuming things ... Continue reading here

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Living in the Flow of Life

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The flow of Life never ceases to amaze me. When you’re driven by the flow of your own life, that’s when you can really experience the beauty and fullness of it. That’s when it can unfold as it’s meant to and Life’s own wisdom comes through you into everything you do. ... Continue reading here

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“How do you deal with judgements from others?” Hi Maria, Despite my increased awareness of the ego and its games, I still find myself in the grips of ego at times, particularly when it comes to the judgements of other people. Yesterday for example, I was walking down the street and some... Continue reading here

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My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.