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Bless EVERYTHING In Your Life!

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Last night I woke up at 2 am with a strong, intuitive message that I should write a post where I invite people to bless everything in their lives by reading the post below out loud with sincerity and feeling. If your heart calls you to do it, then do it right away if you can.  I have a feeling it ... Continue reading here


The Power of I AM

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I just found one of my older articles: and read it through briefly and it was interesting to see how much my life has changed since I wrote the article. When we truly have realized the I AM as being God and that we are that, then our who... Continue reading here

I want to write a little bit about what I mean when I talk about using affirmations, and why many use them in a wrong way and therefor don’t get any real results. I will also present to you another way to use affirmations that I use myself and that I find to be very helpful and productive. Usu... Continue reading here

Life does not flow to us, it flows through us, and when that is seen clearly we cease to give any external, created things, any power. But as long as there’s a belief in something external that we think has power and authority over us (and that will bring to us what we desire and need) we invi... Continue reading here

In my most recent email to my mailing list I wrote about ten things regarding intuition and the importance of listening to it, and that the best way to get in touch with it was through meditation and stillness. I’ll post the ten points here for you if you didn’t happen to read it: 1. It... Continue reading here


Faith is a Productive Force

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Nothing is more powerful than a changed mind – and when a mind is transformed and restored to Truth there can be no more fear or worry. Faith does this to us, when we keep going and doing our thing despite of what appearances tell us and regardless of if people are hearing us or not; we just keep... Continue reading here

Part 1 ended with: “…While it feels personal I also know that this power is impersonal. I trust it 100%, and the more I understand it, the more it gives me…”  With that I mean that it doesn’t matter what I give it, it responds to my attitudes and beingness, so only I ... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.