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Lets always challenge our beliefs, because none of them are true. That’s what liberates us, but we have to be willing to really look and question them. In this article I want bring up some points and questions that I hope will challenge your mind when it comes to Astrology. Part one of this a... Continue reading here

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Critical Thinking: Astrology

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In my youth I was very interested in Astrology and it has followed me throughout my whole life so I think that’s why this particular belief-system was stuck with me for such a long time. It had been ingrained in my mind for so long that that concept was among the last concepts to go with the ... Continue reading here

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Be True To Who You Are

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The Spirit has many more outlets and expressions that many people will admit, or even have the courage to allow within themselves. They think (unconsciously) they have to stay put where they are and be content with that, many times because they have invested a lot of money, time or effort into somet... Continue reading here


Full Moon Tonight!

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Many people feel intuitively when the full moon is, even those who are not into spirituality or interested in any kind of deeper realms of life. It’s usually a time when many people go through some kind of purging and releasing of the old, or there’s some kind of completion or ending tak... Continue reading here

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Have you taken the opportunity to work with the Mercury Retro period? We’re now in the middle of it, and in about ten days we are officially out of it, ready to move forward again with life at large. It’s definitely a time for completions with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up next w... Continue reading here


Mercury Goes Retrograde Again!

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The planet Mercury goes retrograde again for three weeks, and we can expect a lot of ‘re‘-s in our lives. NOTE: This post was written in 2010, so the dates differ each year, while the process is the same as I describe in the post. Mercury Retro happens about three times each year, and ea... Continue reading here

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New moon eclipse this weekend!

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NOTE: THIS PROCESS/TECHNIQUE CAN BE USED EVERY NEW MOON. (Not just eclipses) This weekend, on 11 July, it’s new moon again, and this time it’s a solar eclipse, which means the energies are super-charged. A great time to write down goals and dreams, or review the old ones and refresh them... Continue reading here

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