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All articles on are hereby open to the public. This means that ALL posts and articles that I’ve ever written up until October 25, 2017, are from now on FREE to be read by anyone! After this date some of my new articles (but not all of them) will only be accessible for members ... Continue reading here

This is PART 2/2 in this article series. The first part can be found here: “The true calling of your life and how to find it 1/2” Some people have one thing they love doing or feel called to do and share, others has many. Things that comes naturally for them.  We’re all good at s... Continue reading here

What our true calling is. Maria, Thank you for opening up “Ask Maria” for everyone. I have been enjoying your insights. My situation is this: I am a wife, mother, and work outside the home part-time in a business situation. I have continually been feeling the push and pull between k... Continue reading here

How the ego prevents you from hearing your true voice. Part 1/3 in this article series can be read here: “I’m tormented by ego voices in my head!” Let’s continue: You wrote: “.. and in the end I end up doing nothing. I feel like I am so tormented by my ego. I don’t know how to let i... Continue reading here

Learning how to not listen to the ego voices in your head. “I feel like I have this board of directors in my head. I realize it’s one thing. It’s my ego. Anyway, it seems to be made up of all these different people. They all have their own ideas, feelings, thoughts, emotions etc.... Continue reading here

Where are your desires coming from? Life wants to experience things through us, it wants to do things through us, and give/express things through us. Ask yourself WHY you want the things that you want. “Why do I want this, where is it coming from?” Is your desire coming from a place of lack, or ... Continue reading here

When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.