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Waking up at 4 am by a very loud ego rant. I invariably wake in the night, every night, after only a few hours of sleep, maybe 3-4 am. I want to go back to sleep but the ego is chattering away so loudly as if to prevent me from doing so, louder than it does during the day. It is desperate to get m... Continue reading here

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Article continuing from part 1/2: Burning up ego and becoming more aware and intuitive – Part 1/2  Let’s dive deeper!  You wrote: “.. when my iPad randomly bleeped. A lot of these kinds of things have been taking place much more frequently than before.” This is very typical when yo... Continue reading here

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When ego burns up our intuition grows stronger and we experience expanded awareness. Some people also discover psychic abilities. Hi Maria, It is the third attempt to explain when my iPad bleeped and everything was erased. A lot of these kinds of things have been taking place much more frequently ... Continue reading here

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Are you free? Or are you living your life according to rhythm of other people? The only rule to live by is to not have any rules at all. Follow the flow of the moment and do that which resonates the most and don’t get stuck anywhere. Flow with life. That’s freedom.  The middle way Buddh... Continue reading here


Going with the flow is not passive

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Going with the flow is not about going through life passively, aimlessly “flowing” and being lazy. It’s not about just letting things happen and ignoring taking action on the things that don’t sit well with us. Accepting the facts of life and the situations that happen is not ab... Continue reading here


Get in alignment with Life

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If you feel the calling to do something or go somewhere – just dive right in and do it! Get in alignment with your inner guidance.  Even if it’s something you’ve never done or even considered, follow it through and do something with it.  Life always shows us things that are benefici... Continue reading here

Panic attacks, ego death, and healing past traumas. Question from reader: Not really a question but I feel the need to ‘talk’ about this, which isn’t something I usually do. This email is meant as a reaction to one of your articles on ego death, it was there I found your site and... Continue reading here

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Stalk Your Fear

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Instead of running away from your fears, meet them! So many people are giving away their power to their fear instead of meeting and dealing with it. Here’s what to do when feeling overwhelmed with fear: Turn towards it and say something like “Okay, ‘fear’, let’s look at... Continue reading here

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There is no “true self”

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There is No ‘Authentic Self’ So many times I hear people say that they ‘struggle to find their true self’ but the spiritual seeking of an authentic self is a game the ego plays. It’s the ego that begins the spiritual seeking and who does all the spiritual work etc, but it̵... Continue reading here


Live a life true to yourself

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Be true to yourself – Say YES to yourself  We’re getting closer to the start-day of the “Go Higher” online course! Join me in this 6 week long transformational course where you’ll learn and develop practices to transform your consciousness and thus your life. Who is t... Continue reading here

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The time is coming closer to the start of my upcoming online course “Go Higher”. Last registration date will be on December 27th so that I have time to have a private chat with everyone before we begin.  Do you have any questions about the “Go Higher” cour... Continue reading here

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Choose a Guiding Word For 2017

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What will 2017 be about for you? It’s good to sometimes take some time to reflect over where we are, where we have come from (the struggles we have overcome), and how we have evolved and grown, and what better time to do so than in the year’s last month. While it’s empow... Continue reading here

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You might be tempted to go back to old ways after a healing session The temptation might come up, or the urge, to revert back to old ways of being, and it’s important to understand that it’s just one of the effects of how the healing process sometimes can unfold. The immediate result of... Continue reading here

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