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Regarding “Ask Maria”: Since I opened it up for everyone (more about that HERE), most of the questions I receive are from people who have not yet grown beyond the level of mainstream and new age spirituality. So to clarify a few things; Please don’t write me and ask me why you see ... Continue reading here

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The messenger is never the Truth

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Life has a way of speaking to us on an individual level. When you follow the thread and theme of your current now-moment, deep layers of information becomes available to you. Many, many deep layers that are always available to you.  So discernment has to be developed too, not just awareness, becaus... Continue reading here

Spiritual awakening is not “spiritual”. It doesn’t conform to any spiritual beliefs or concepts, it’s completely 100% non-conceptual. It’s the absence of every spiritual idea and concept, it’s actually the death of spirituality itself. No rules or regulations to f... Continue reading here

When you have gone beyond the ego self, gone beyond all gods etc (realizing there is no God), gone beyond beliefs and concepts etc it’s a very difficult thing to share your experience of life with others, that’s why I don’t write as much as I used to do. The ‘after’ pa... Continue reading here

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How To Be A Human In A Merrily Way

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I don’t know about you, but look back on your own journey; Remember those maybe many, many years ago when you started the search for something else, it may have been freedom, a deeper meaning to life, Truth, .. Remember the desire you had to wake up or live life more fully? And can you, by loo... Continue reading here

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Dear Maria, I have been reading your blog and listened to some of your recordings and they do make me wonder quite a bit and make me look critically at my own process of awakening. Some things do ring a bell with me; others less so. I was just listening to your most recent one about waking up from ... Continue reading here

Spiritual awakening and the urge to go all Greta Garbo and be alone, and if spiritual growth continues after awakening. New Teleclass on Friday this week As I shared with you in my last audio (listen to if for free here), things are going to change when it comes to my Teleclasses and this week on Fr... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.