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My 6 Week Transformational Journey

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About six weeks ago I made a decision to transform aspects of my life and now six weeks later I’m really happy to share with you what has happened! The benefits have truly been life changing for me and I can honestly tell you that where I’m at today in my mind and body is by far the bes... Continue reading here

Sometimes people wish to remain anonymous when they reply to articles I’ve written for them (“Ask Maria”) and that’s completely understandable since the questions can be a bit too personal and private and you might not want to share your innermost thoughts openly with others. So if ... Continue reading here

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This is an anonymous reply to my article called “What are your feelings regarding responsibility to family and to oneself?” which you can read here: Anyone who wish to remain anonymous when replying to articles regarding thei... Continue reading here

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Hi Maria, Thanks for writing the article. (This one) It is still relevant to me because sometimes I do still think I am going cuckoo :-D Actually, that might not be fully correct. When I am in that ‘state of mind’ I do still think that the world is insane and that most is based on things... Continue reading here

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What are we? I love receiving these types of questions because I love the curiosity and depth in the attitude and approach of these people. This is what I mean with being committed to know the Truth! A few days ago I received this wonderful email and I want to share it with you (with permission fro... Continue reading here

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“I was on the site seeing how you are doing in India, and I saw these last few posts and thought I’d ask what you think of an idea I just came across. It was mentioned in passing in an article I recently read, that free will is not universally available, and that it occurs in a continuum. S... Continue reading here

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Not sure about how you live your life but I’m here on this earth to be everything that I can be and today as we are progressing towards the new year I was inspired to write a post about how to live your true life in 2016. Below are 6 examples of how to really get in alignment with yourself for... Continue reading here

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