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Three weeks ago I stopped eating bread, pasta, sugar, processed food etc and started to eat plenty of fruits, seeds, nuts, and vegetables instead. Less salt too (almost no salt actually) – and no coffee (yes, you read right, I ditched coffee too :) ) And I feel great! I have not missed sugar an... Continue reading here


You Don’t Need Goals and Plans

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“What? Didn’t you just write about goal-setting the other day??” Yes, I did and that’s why I was inspired to write this as well because I believe it needs some clarification. This whole “you need goals” and “you don’t need goals” -thing is someth... Continue reading here

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Random Questions From Readers 3

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First I’d like to thank you for the website. What a blessing. 4.5 months ago I was married, had a great job, house, then I lost it all. The reasons aren’t important. I realize that my time at the current job is over. Clearly the universe and subconsciously even me, wants to go in a diff... Continue reading here

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It has been a very transformative time for me recently and great changes are happening in my life, I have had lots of new insights and realizations lately. One of them is the realization that my greatest joy is in working with people who are ready to move forward in their lives because what I see a... Continue reading here

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Today when I was asking God to tell me what message I was to share with you the message of commitment came to me. If you’re wavering in your commitment to follow your inner calling or if you feel you’re loosing faith, then this is for you. So many people give up too soon, or they get l... Continue reading here

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Write a letter to God

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Writing letters to God can bring peace back to you, so today I want to invite you to write one. It can be about anything; if you have important questions that you need answers to, or if you feel unfocused and scattered in your energy and need more centering, then writing a letter to God can help yo... Continue reading here

When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.