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Feeling gratitude is the power that will get you back in the flow of Truth. To wash away resentment, anger, disappointment, frustration, or whatever it is that might have taken you out of the flow, find something to feel grateful for. It can be a person, a friend, your pet, your health, the food you... Continue reading here


Forgiveness is an act of self-love

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Forgiveness is a choice. If there is anyone in your life that has hurt you in the past, today I urge you to wholeheartedly and fully forgive them. Choose to let go of the pain, anger and resentment and set yourself free because for as long as there’s unforgiveness it’s not possible to li... Continue reading here


Healing naturally opens up Flow

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Healing helps you get into alignment with your natural state of being. That’s when you come into flow with the universe. The flow opens up when obstacles are cleared away and anything else that is hindering you from moving forward in life. Usually after a healing session something new always o... Continue reading here

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Energy Healing Package (Spain)

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Energy Healing Sessions. Come and see me in Ronda, Spain, for series of transformational healing sessions. Healing helps you get aligned with your own natural flow. Flow enables you to enjoy a fuller and more productive life, and when you’re in flow with yourself, you live in harmony with the univ... Continue reading here

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New Moon Solar Eclipse Healing Session in February 2017. But first; Three months and 7 distant group healing sessions later – let’s do a little review! Some of you have participated in several of the sessions and some of you once or twice. Today I want to invite you to do a little review... Continue reading here

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What Healing Can Help With

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There are no limits to what healing can help resolve. Healing can help release fear, worry and anxiety, and help you center yourself in the here and now, empower you, and much more. Healing sessions can help you: Release doubt, exhaustion, confusion, fear, worry, anxiety, anger, and other emotional ... Continue reading here

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.