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Are you ready to be done with the old? Like once-and-for-all kind of done? There’s something special about full moons (I love them!) and it is said to be a very powerful time for healing. It’s a belief of course and not a scientific fact, but I’ve always loved to give healing ... Continue reading here

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Always be kind to yourself but perhaps even more so after a healing session After a healing session that many times can be incredibly relaxing it’s important to understand that the healing energies will continue to work on you intensely for at least a couple of days or more afterwards. During ... Continue reading here

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You might be tempted to go back to old ways after a healing session The temptation might come up, or the urge, to revert back to old ways of being, and it’s important to understand that it’s just one of the effects of how the healing process sometimes can unfold. The immediate result of... Continue reading here

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Stating an intention for a healing session is vitally important as healing could be seen as directed and focused energy.  An intention is the reason that you have for the healing session, your purpose, what you want to gain from it.  It’s an important part of the healing process and ... Continue reading here

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The Gift Of The Present Moment Is Peace We can’t find peace by escaping from human pain and suffering, but you can find peace in the midst of your pain, and the present moment is the medicine that relieves you from mental and emotional suffering. As we stay centered in the present moment we ca... Continue reading here

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My Reiki Healing Journey I got into Reiki in the beginning of the new millennium sometime when I was in rehab for my drug addiction. The rehab center had an alternative focus so in addition to traditional psychotherapy and Gestalt therapy we also received a myriad of different alternative treatments... Continue reading here

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Vivid Dreams After Healing Session

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To have vivid dreams after a healing session is normal It’s very common to have more dreams after have received healing and the dreams can be very vivid and full of meaning. Most people feel very relaxed and peaceful afterwards and as the energy channels has opened up, new information can mor... Continue reading here

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