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Is there a toxic person in your life that should no longer be in it? The best things you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with supportive, loving people and ditch the ones that don’t fit that description! If there’s a person in your life that is making your life worse, not be... Continue reading here

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we have, and having a compassionate one touches every aspect of life and is the foundation for all good things. Self-love and self-respect is vital to living a good, enjoyable life and from there all good things happen and flow na... Continue reading here

Energy-draining activities that brings people down: Wallowing in agitation and annoyance and not doing anything to change your perspective or situation.  Endlessly talking about mundane things where there’s no depth or real substance in the conversations. Focusing on negative things such... Continue reading here

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The time is coming closer to the start of my upcoming online course “Go Higher”. Last registration date will be on December 27th so that I have time to have a private chat with everyone before we begin.  Do you have any questions about the “Go Higher” cour... Continue reading here

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Love, Love, Love!

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Show someone that you love them! The truth is that we don’t know anything about the next moment and literally anything can happen. So tell someone you love them today even if you say it everyday, say it again now. And most importantly show it to them by your actions because love is not a mere... Continue reading here

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Stating an intention for a healing session is vitally important as healing could be seen as directed and focused energy.  An intention is the reason that you have for the healing session, your purpose, what you want to gain from it.  It’s an important part of the healing process and ... Continue reading here

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Free Silent Retreat

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DIY Silent Retreat To retreat in silence doesn’t have to cost a dime. You can do your own silent retreat by simply disconnecting from the outside world and technology for a few days. It’s beneficial in so many ways to spend time alone in solitude and silence and that’s what IR... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.