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Random Questions From Readers 4

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11 Questions and My Replies To Them I’m known to write very long replies to readers who send me questions and topic requests via “Ask Maria” (my previous article for example was nearly 4500 words!). Sometimes it happens that I receive short and quick questions that I can ... Continue reading here

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For a couple of days now I have been reading, watching videos and listening to people for hours and hours online and I’ve decided that not only am I a vegetarian again but I’m also ditching all dairy products! The reason is strictly ethical because I have learned that there simply are n... Continue reading here

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Some of the misconceptions of enlightenment is that you become more compassionate and loving and that’s not true at all, awakening has actually nothing to do with love or being or becoming anything. You don’t “become” anything, a better version of yourself or something like that. Y... Continue reading here

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Sometimes people wish to remain anonymous when they reply to articles I’ve written for them (“Ask Maria”) and that’s completely understandable since the questions can be a bit too personal and private and you might not want to share your innermost thoughts openly with others. So if ... Continue reading here

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This is an anonymous reply to my article called “What are your feelings regarding responsibility to family and to oneself?” which you can read here: Anyone who wish to remain anonymous when replying to articles regarding thei... Continue reading here

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Just an interesting observation I’ve made about (many) Indian men. At first, I was surprised to see many men holding hands in India and I thought “wow, it’s great how Indian people seem to be so accepting of gays” and “I didn’t know there were so many (male) gays here in Indi... Continue reading here

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.