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Acknowledge your feelings

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Allow yourself to have the full human experience by letting your feelings be without getting entangled in them. We keep ourselves in bondage when we bottle things up or repress our true feelings. Instead of falling into the ego trap of believing that a perfect life is about always being happy and jo... Continue reading here


What is an optimal life?

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To live an optimal life is to live a life that is true to yourself. Optimal living is really about following your own flow, and about happiness. It’s about having inner peace, a loving family (if that’s what you want) and great relationships and friends. An optimal life is when you have... Continue reading here

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One word that describes Life is that it unfolds magically and that there’s a reason for everything. I’m always in awe of how Life unfolds and I don’t know what other word I could use without sounding woo-woo, but magical is the one word that comes to mind. Life is unfolding with ... Continue reading here

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Most people choose to go with the ego voice, totally oblivious of the fact that it is deceiving them. The awareness you have of it (higher self-awareness) is what is going to help you transcend it. Every time a person is about to make a choice that will alter their life in a some way the false self ... Continue reading here

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Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we have, and having a compassionate one touches every aspect of life and is the foundation for all good things. Self-love and self-respect is vital to living a good, enjoyable life and from there all good things happen and flow na... Continue reading here


Free Silent Retreat

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DIY Silent Retreat To retreat in silence doesn’t have to cost a dime. You can do your own silent retreat by simply disconnecting from the outside world and technology for a few days. It’s beneficial in so many ways to spend time alone in solitude and silence and that’s what IR... Continue reading here

How to know it’s Spirit speaking and not your ego voice? Inner wisdom and intuition speaks quietly and softly. It’s loving and positive and there’s a feeling of light about it and it will repeat itself until you listen to it. Inner guidance often comes with a feeling of “rightn... Continue reading here

Daily Quote: "Pay attention to how the universe speaks to you today and participate in the flow by taking action on your inclinations." - Maria Erving