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Random Questions From Readers 4

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11 Questions and My Replies To Them I’m known to write very long replies to readers who send me questions and topic requests via “Ask Maria” (my previous article for example was nearly 4500 words!). Sometimes it happens that I receive short and quick questions that I can ... Continue reading here

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Introducing “Short Blogs”

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Short blogs are, well, they are short, and they are blogs :) I’m known for writing long in-depth articles and I love writing them but sometimes I have something that I want to share quickly simply because I’m inspired to. So instead of posting them on Facebook and other social media pla... Continue reading here


Website Stuff and Other Stuff..

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Just a little update regarding my website and everything around it and my writings and work etc! :) There’s a few of my most previous articles (from when I was in north India in particular and was without laptop) that I have not had time to edit and correct spelling on but today when I was abo... Continue reading here

Hello Maria, I was wondering if you can write a post about what fulfilling your karmic destiny mean? I keep being told I’m fulfilling my karmic destiny. ♥♥♥ Thank you for your question, I love it! :) “Karmic destiny” definition according to an online dictionary; There are ma... Continue reading here

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Many times when I speak with people I find them being stuck in one of the stages that I describe below so I wanted to share with you what I believe is the natural way of how things happen. As you read through the different stages I want you to see if you can recognize where you are at the moment and... Continue reading here

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As you know from what I have shared in previous posts, I’m transitioning to the second part of my life, and it’s not even a new chapter but a whole new book! :-D Lots of things are going on and I have much more to share with you but that comes later when I feel ready. Today I want to sha... Continue reading here

Being in an environment where you can’t be 100% yourself is something everyone can relate to that are going through a spiritual awakening process, and it can be all from not having a family (or friends) that understands what you’re going through and who maybe even thinks you’re los... Continue reading here

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