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Okay, here it goes :) This is a response to one of my readers who shared a suggestion about creating a forum where people can meet and mingle, form new friendships and so on – All for individuals who are going through a spiritual awakening process. You can read the article here: Connecting... Continue reading here

Dear Maria, I think the content on your website has addressed my concerns. I’ve been through a dark night of the soul, leaving me with substantially reduced ego and much reduced negative and involuntary thoughts. Your website describes what I am experiencing now. Eckhart Tolle’s teac... Continue reading here

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You know those people who’s always complaining and wallowing in self-pity and blame? Stay as far away as you can from them! It’s not condescending or judgmental towards others to first and foremost take care of your own well-being. Their energy is just better or more compatible with som... Continue reading here

God has not taken a vacation and left you to yourself to handle your hurdles and challenges on your own! There is always a plan unfolding and the principle of God is moving through us and in our lives even at times when what we have prayed for have not yet manifested.  God’s great work is al... Continue reading here

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Dear Maria, please would you talk more about, ‘everything being taken away from me but given back a hundredfold’? This taking away has happened to me, I no longer know who or what I am anymore. Not that I felt I had achieved anything worth crowing about, but I did have hopes and dreams.... Continue reading here


Surrender To Your Destiny

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Every living beings destiny is to live in freedom and fulfillment, each and every one of us has that desire. How that looks for each individual is different depending on their own personal desires, preferences, purposes and dreams. It’s when we are clear about those things and when we live i... Continue reading here

Dear Maria, I’m in a process of transformation and I have a question I’d like to ask you. At times I feel so alone on this journey because there are very few people who understand me or where I’m coming from. This causes me to feel extreme loneliness and depression at times. I... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.