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Acknowledge your feelings

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Allow yourself to have the full human experience by letting your feelings be without getting entangled in them. We keep ourselves in bondage when we bottle things up or repress our true feelings. Instead of falling into the ego trap of believing that a perfect life is about always being happy and jo... Continue reading here

I believe society is manufacturing depressed people, while in reality they may not be depressed at all. There’s a Scandinavian TV show that I like called “Skavlan” and in the last episode they talked about post-production depression. It’s basically about entering a phase whe... Continue reading here

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A few words about single-mindedness.. I was inspired to write a longer reply to a comment I received on this post: “Being Single Minded” The comment I received was this: “Through knowing this all, I’m still feeling like I’m not single-minded as much as I need to be to make my b... Continue reading here

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I have decided to quit social media. I haven’t really been active on social media since 2011 or so, but I have been posting on many of the platforms and interacted with my followers there whenever someone has reached out. But other than that not so much at all as I’m very selective with ... Continue reading here

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Be a person of poise in 2017 The (ego) mind craves certainty, it needs certainty in order to feel in control, but since certainty is an illusion it will never be able to predict what will happen next, hence the anxiety for the future. What if you could go into then new year of 2017 with poise?... Continue reading here

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Give over your body, mind and spirit into the healing energies! The next Supermoon will be on December 14, 2016, and because it’s so close to Earth it looks bigger (and shines brighter) than an average Full Moon. It’s the last full moon of the year so if there’s anything (or anyon... Continue reading here

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Are you ready to be done with the old? Like once-and-for-all kind of done? There’s something special about full moons (I love them!) and it is said to be a very powerful time for healing. It’s a belief of course and not a scientific fact, but I’ve always loved to give healing ... Continue reading here

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Daily Quote: "Freedom, peace and joy comes from letting go of yourself into the natural and true flow of your life, and it’s anything but passive, it’s actually the most dynamic, active and alive force there is. And you are That. " - Maria Erving