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Do An Energetic Clean Up In Aweber

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It’s a good idea to do a clean-up in your email marketing lists from time to time and remove inactive subscribers from them. It’s a waste of time and energy to keep writing to people who doesn’t appreciate them, and who doesn’t even bother opening your emails – those people... Continue reading here

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Here’s how you can…. Create An Email Signature And Autoresponder On Roundcube! It’s great to have a signature to your email, not only does it save you time every time you send an email to someone, but it also allows you to add links to your websites so that people you interact with... Continue reading here

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Comment Notifier Plugin Settings The Comment Notifier is a Great Little WordPress Plugin! It allows blog visitors to subscribe to comment threads, receiving an email in their mailbox on new comments. Scroll down to ‘comments’ on this post to see what I mean; there’s an option after... Continue reading here

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It’s very simple! Let me show you: Go and create a free AddThis-account at Log into your Aweber account > create broadcast (or follow-up) > scroll down til you see this: Grab the direct link in your Aweber email > log into AddThis and select “Email Newsletter... Continue reading here

Regarding Email marketing and how to do it the right way versus the wrong way: It is never OK to add people to business email lists without their permission.  I, for one, do NOT like being added to mailing lists just because I once wrote you, or because we are Facebook friends. That doesn’t give ... Continue reading here

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