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Vimoksha Yoga Retreat, Goa, India

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Yoga Vimoksha is located at Mollem forest (national park) near the Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa, India, and this is where I am right now as I write this to you. I’m staying here for the next four days and will be sharing all about it with you here on my website and also on social media. This a... Continue reading here

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Unconditional Love Meditation

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It’s full moon time and I was inspired to record a meditation for you because many people all around the world can feel at unease at this time, so I wanted to extend my love out to all of you. By listening to this guided meditation you will open up for the unconditional love that is within you... Continue reading here

There is but one answer to this question and that is: Understanding. Above all it’s always best to ask for understanding and wisdom about something before you ask for the thing or desired change itself. Ask to understand yourself better, ask to understand God better, life better, the situati... Continue reading here

Let go of any fears, worries or concerns – you are on the right path. Our desires are desires that Life wants to realize through and as us, and sometimes, on this path we have chosen, there are times of uncertainty, fear and worry. There are always difficult times and challenges when you let go ... Continue reading here

In my most recent email to my mailing list I wrote about ten things regarding intuition and the importance of listening to it, and that the best way to get in touch with it was through meditation and stillness. I’ll post the ten points here for you if you didn’t happen to read it: 1. It... Continue reading here


The Transformative Power of Prayer

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Prayer to me is self-talk, and I felt inspired to write a few words about it to present a different approach to it if you are one of those that feel as if your prayers are not being answered, or if you feel discouraged and fearful about a future event and you’re not sure how to handle it. How ... Continue reading here


Right Action

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I was inspired to write a little bit about what I mean by taking action and go after what you feel in your heart is the right path for you because of what I wrote in one of my previous articles: “This life is yours to live, don’t waste it, start living it (right now) – on your own term... Continue reading here

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Daily Quote: "Pay attention to how the universe speaks to you today and participate in the flow by taking action on your inclinations." - Maria Erving