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Living in the Flow of Life

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The flow of Life never ceases to amaze me. When you’re driven by the flow of your own life, that’s when you can really experience the beauty and fullness of it. That’s when it can unfold as it’s meant to and Life’s own wisdom comes through you into everything you do. ... Continue reading here

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Are you free? Or are you living your life according to rhythm of other people? The only rule to live by is to not have any rules at all. Follow the flow of the moment and do that which resonates the most and don’t get stuck anywhere. Flow with life. That’s freedom.  The middle way Buddh... Continue reading here


There is no “true self”

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There is No ‘Authentic Self’ So many times I hear people say that they ‘struggle to find their true self’ but the spiritual seeking of an authentic self is a game the ego plays. It’s the ego that begins the spiritual seeking and who does all the spiritual work etc, but it̵... Continue reading here

Why Does My Spiritual Practices No Longer Feel Relevant? “After meditation in the morning, I regularly do Namaste with bowing down to the images of God and an ancient Guru. Normally while doing it with eyes closed, I easily recalled their pictures before my eyes. This is my habit. Recently I a... Continue reading here


Life Always Gets What Life Wants

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I wanted to continue on the topic I wrote about in this article: because, .. well, I felt inspired to! :) This is a perfect example by the way of how Life does its thing through us without us having the whole picture of why it happens the way it does. Why d... Continue reading here

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“I was at my work this late afternoon and just went to the kitchen we have to get some water. I walked back into my office and seriously I could swear that this was not my office. This blank white wall was not ‘my wall’. This desk with stuff and my computer was not from me. I actuall... Continue reading here

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.