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Last year around this time, believe it or not but I was actually casting out devils and sprinkling “holy water” around my home because I believed that it would protect me from loosing it. It makes me laugh now that I think back (how silly human beings are sometimes) but it wasn’t a... Continue reading here

This is not a new age post but something that I have done within the past few days and that has given me answers I needed within 24 hours, so I wanted to share what I did with you so that you can do it too. I’m back in Sayalonga with my cat-friends again and since I came here I have had a few... Continue reading here

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Spiritual Awakening Questions: Question From Reader: Regarding your most recent post to disregard God in all previous posts. I agree that the word “God” is heavily laden with baggage that doesn’t apply to spiritually awakened people. Since from an awakened perspective we are part... Continue reading here

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I have been pondering this for a while – how do I write this article? How do I explain this? So I just begin writing and see what words comes forth. For a while now I have felt the increasing awareness or realization that I don’t want to call myself anything in particular but for practical ... Continue reading here

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Questions About Self-Inquiry (2/2)

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Questions About Self-Inquiry and Self-Realization Continuing from PART 1/2:  “Who Is The Doer?” Yes, it is paradoxical as you mentioned in your email too – this whole journey is very paradoxical indeed. While there is no doer we should live as if there ... Continue reading here


Life Is Amazing

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Recently I have had many moments where I have been drawn back in memory, all the way back to when I gave everything away and took my cat, my laptop and two suitcases with me and moved from Scandinavia to Costa del Sol (Spain) about a year and a half ago. Here’s a couple of posts from that part... Continue reading here


Self-Inquiry Session (Guided)

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Something I often hear is that many people have trouble in doing self-inquiry, and when working with me long term (spiritual mentoring and direction) I offer a guided self-inquiry session as part of our work together. A self-inquiry session is where I guide you through a process where you can make ... Continue reading here

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Daily Quote: "Pay attention to how the universe speaks to you today and participate in the flow by taking action on your inclinations." - Maria Erving