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Since I last wrote about India I’ve traveled a lot in a short period of time, all the way from Fort Cochin to Gangtok where I am right now and have been for a few days. See map below of where I have traveled: Fort Cochin > Pondicherry > Chennai > Howrah/Kolkata > Siliguri > Gan... Continue reading here

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Sometimes people wish to remain anonymous when they reply to articles I’ve written for them (“Ask Maria”) and that’s completely understandable since the questions can be a bit too personal and private and you might not want to share your innermost thoughts openly with others. So if ... Continue reading here

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Not sure about how you live your life but I’m here on this earth to be everything that I can be and today as we are progressing towards the new year I was inspired to write a post about how to live your true life in 2016. Below are 6 examples of how to really get in alignment with yourself for... Continue reading here

Last year around this time, believe it or not but I was actually casting out devils and sprinkling “holy water” around my home because I believed that it would protect me from loosing it. It makes me laugh now that I think back (how silly human beings are sometimes) but it wasn’t a... Continue reading here


Ashram or Guesthouse in India?

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After have spent a few days in Delhi I’m going to take the sleeper bus to Rishikesh which is a 6-8 hour drive away (haven’t booked yet) and I will arrive around 6 AM in Rishikesh, which is great; better to arrive early than at night or late in the evening, plus I save money on accommoda... Continue reading here

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Sometimes when I am about to re-post one of my older articles I decide not to, and the reason is that since I don’t believe in God anymore (or any other concepts) it would give the wrong picture of me when it comes to where I am today in my spiritual evolution and growth. So I wanted to writ... Continue reading here

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.