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Most of us live like a flock of caged birds. The mind of the false self tends to want to stay in the comforts of conditioning, to play it safe, much like the bird staying in the cage with the door wide open. Whole families, groups of friends, pretty much everyone around us are all in the same cage, ... Continue reading here

Challenge the status quo to create change When I speak about doing things differently I don’t necessary mean doing them better. I literally mean differently.  It’s not so much about improving your life (although it will improve your life) but about exposing yourself to realms outsid... Continue reading here


How To Stop The Story In Your Head

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Sometimes the mind has a tendency to make up stories about a person or situation that has no base in reality at all.. ever experienced that? ;) Sometimes the mind is so quick to jump into conclusions and make assumptions about something and then most people just go along and believe the stories in t... Continue reading here

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Learn how to capture the magical moments in your life I’ve just come back to civilization again after have been up in the Andalusian mountains for 2-3 weeks. It was an absolutely amazing time – massively transformational and magical! Imagine being all alone in the mountains, staying in a go... Continue reading here


Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Peace

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Fear, doubt and worry is not from God so don’t let anything of that kind steal your peace. Peace is from God, joy is from God, love is from God. When we meet tribulations in life it’s so easy to fall into the trap of fear and worry, but we can choose not to believe what they tell us. ... Continue reading here

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Today when I was asking God to tell me what message I was to share with you the message of commitment came to me. If you’re wavering in your commitment to follow your inner calling or if you feel you’re loosing faith, then this is for you. So many people give up too soon, or they get l... Continue reading here

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.