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Stillness Is Highly Underrated

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For the ego stillness is threatening, it frightens the mind because to turn off the distraction means we actually have to sit with ourselves – our true selves, which is stillness itself, and that’s not very inviting for the mind especially if that is who we think we are.  From the space of ... Continue reading here

It’s only when we deny or hide what we feel or think that we suffer. If the feeling is there, let it be. That’s the easiest way to transcend anything, by letting it be. Not with that intention of course, we can’t fool the universe! Not with the intention to ‘let it be so I c... Continue reading here


Our People Pleasing Society

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One belief that has poisoned humanity is the belief that you should always have everybody’s good in mind. We should always behave in correct ways, never share thoughts that differs from others because they might upset others, we should always say the correct things that are socially accepted,... Continue reading here


Is Your Life a Conditioned State?

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Whenever there’s some kind of clinging going on, whether it’s to other people (as in “I love you, phleeeease love me back or I won’t be fulfilled and happy”), to ideas and dogmas (as in “this is the truth, I am right and you are wrong”), or clinging to the p... Continue reading here

It fears stillness more than anything else, because it knows that in that stillness, you are. And for you to ‘find’ yourself, for you to realize yourself, means the death to the ego – and because it knows that in the process of self-realizing it will loose it’s ‘jobR... Continue reading here

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Wanting To Not Want Is a Want Too

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When we have a spiritual awakening experience, we realize that whatever we wanted and desired for ourselves previously has no meaning whatsoever anymore. Not because we have decided it to be so because it has nothing to do with will-power. We just realize that nothing the world has to offer is desi... Continue reading here

“Learn How To Step Into The Flow Of YOU” is a 60 minute audio where Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, who is a world-renowned Life Coach, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Author and College Professor, interviews me. This interview was a part of the Path to Success: YOU – Empowered and Uplifted S... Continue reading here

How a response instead of a reaction to an event can change the unfolding. (And our emotional well-being). In every instance of our life, all we have is Now and all we have to ‘deal with’ is the present moment, however it presents itself. Whatever comes up, we can chose to respond to th... Continue reading here

It’s common to after a spiritual opening of some sort at times feel stuck in the middle of Truth and illusion, and be flowing back and forth between the old and the new.  When we have experienced an opening or even spiritual awakening, and we know – in the deepest meaning – the false sel... Continue reading here

Can you imagine how the world would look if we all acted from a space of inspiration and love rather than from motivation, which is often based on some kind of fear? Fear of loosing something or not getting something “if we don’t do this and that”. What a difference it would do to how... Continue reading here

Here’s a free booklet by me: The Power of Acceptance and Forgiveness (Direct-link to PDF) Enjoy your read! “Spirit lives in the present moment. Only ego flows back and forth to an imaginary future and regretful past. Whenever you encounter some sort of challenge in life, the best way to hand... Continue reading here


Money and Spiritual Work

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Everyone who does their work from the heart are doing so called “spiritual work” (even the ones that are not aware of their spiritual nature!), and there is not a job that is more ‘holier’ than another when it comes to what we are called to do. And yes, we should absolutely m... Continue reading here

The spiritual path to awakening is not about becoming someone, a “better” version of yourself or anything like that, but about relinquishing who we think we are are, and with that realization also let go of all it’s opinions about how life ‘should be’, which is always a... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.