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Gratitude is a feeling, it’s an attitude, and it can’t be forced or manipulated. It’s fine to do gratitude lists, they do affect perspective and experience, but if it’s only on a thought level it’s not going to do anything else but maybe help you feel “good” (or bet... Continue reading here

Part 1 ended with: “…While it feels personal I also know that this power is impersonal. I trust it 100%, and the more I understand it, the more it gives me…”  With that I mean that it doesn’t matter what I give it, it responds to my attitudes and beingness, so only I ... Continue reading here

Many people are stuck in behavior patterns that hold them back or they feel stuck and they don’t know how to break the loop they find themselves in, and sometimes they aren’t even aware of the fact that they can break it and they feel victimized by life itself, unable to move forward. S... Continue reading here

A reader wrote “.. synchronicities happen and they are gift to us, BUT I still think I have created them by my constant thoughts..”and she asked me to elaborate on that. She also shared some personal information about a relationship that has been going on and off for a few years and wrote that s... Continue reading here


Critical Thinking: Astrology

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In my youth I was very interested in Astrology and it has followed me throughout my whole life so I think that’s why this particular belief-system was stuck with me for such a long time. It had been ingrained in my mind for so long that that concept was among the last concepts to go with the ... Continue reading here

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Truth Doesn’t Need Belief

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I must say I don’t resonate much with believers (in anything) – I mean everyone is entitled to believe what they want, but beliefs are nothing more than opinions and ideas, and they change all the time. And sure, they can be interesting to listen to and talk about, but that’s pretty much ... Continue reading here


Stillness Is Highly Underrated

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For the ego stillness is threatening, it frightens the mind because to turn off the distraction means we actually have to sit with ourselves – our true selves, which is stillness itself, and that’s not very inviting for the mind especially if that is who we think we are.  From the space of ... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.