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I love when I get questions from my monthly subscribers! One of my readers shared with me about a specific challenge in her life and asked me: How do I find out who God meant me to be? How do I get to the place that I can feel in alignment with God, and His desires for my life? I am really searchin... Continue reading here


What is Inspirational Writing?

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The past week or so I have got some emails and questions about inspirational writing so I thought I’d write a little something about that. I received a question from one of my readers: Writing … What is really happening? When we write down our goals, or any meaningful symbols, or words ... Continue reading here

Here’s a free booklet by me: The Power of Acceptance and Forgiveness (Direct-link to PDF) Enjoy your read! “Spirit lives in the present moment. Only ego flows back and forth to an imaginary future and regretful past. Whenever you encounter some sort of challenge in life, the best way to hand... Continue reading here

My cat has traveled with me before to USA, and other countries as well; he’s a real globetrotter-cat! :-) Here’s some general information about what you need to do before you can travel with your cat to California, and how my own experience has been with traveling with pets from Scandina... Continue reading here


Receive Two of My E-books for Free

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Join My Mailing List and Receive Two of My E-books For Free! Receive inspirational and helpful Emails and stay in touch. After you have joined, simply return to this post and the e-books will be visible here for you.   “Clarity Exercise: With Over 30 Powerful Questions That Helps Gain Cla... Continue reading here

"Learn How to Step Into the Flow of YOU" by Maria Erving. A 60 minute audio interview by Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, who is a world-renowned Life Coach, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Author, and College Professor. This interview was a part of the Path to Success: YOU - Empowered and Uplifted S... Continue reading here

Get Emotionally Involved In Your Dreams and Goals Be in it as fully as you possibly can. The more you learn about the thing you want to have manifested, whether it be a car, home or a career, or a new way of behaving in the world, you have to get into the energy vibration of it by showing great int... Continue reading here

When feeling fearful or scared of all the new things you might 'have to do' (ego speaking, trying to prevent you to become who you really are) when you allow yourself to grow and move outside your comfort zone, there are some very powerful questions you can ask yourself that will help you change per... Continue reading here

Thoughts get easily forgotten and lost in everyday life - We think lots of thoughts everyday; about 60 000 of them everyday! By writing our goals down on paper, we are clarifying what is most important to us. Writing down our goals and dreams eliminates distraction. It helps us have a refer... Continue reading here

Seven simple steps to stop procrastinating if you see yourself being a 'victim of laziness' or not-enough-time-ness; a root cause of procrastination. Do you often suffer because of what you initially considered as easy has turned difficult with the loss of time, and what appeared hard, due to fur... Continue reading here

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Books by Maria Erving

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FOR MORE INFO ABOUT MY BOOKS, VISIT: (opens in new window) (opens in new window)... Continue reading here


The Power of Aligned Thought

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The Power of Aligned Thought ~How The Mind Works And how To Use It~ New Special Report E-book written by published author Maria Erving! It’s a great pleasure for me to present to you this e-book – it contains everything you need to know in order to be able to change your life for the be... Continue reading here

Assuming that you have taken your time to identify your values, it's very important to become clear about the hierarchy they are in as well. Why is that? Because we can share values with the people we surround ourselves with, but have completely different ways of living them depending on what is ... Continue reading here

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