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Are you free? Or are you living your life according to rhythm of other people? The only rule to live by is to not have any rules at all. Follow the flow of the moment and do that which resonates the most and don’t get stuck anywhere. Flow with life. That’s freedom.  The middle way Buddh... Continue reading here

Sometimes people wish to remain anonymous when they reply to articles I’ve written for them (“Ask Maria”) and that’s completely understandable since the questions can be a bit too personal and private and you might not want to share your innermost thoughts openly with others. So if ... Continue reading here

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You Don’t Need Goals and Plans

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“What? Didn’t you just write about goal-setting the other day??” Yes, I did and that’s why I was inspired to write this as well because I believe it needs some clarification. This whole “you need goals” and “you don’t need goals” -thing is someth... Continue reading here

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Sometimes when I am about to re-post one of my older articles I decide not to, and the reason is that since I don’t believe in God anymore (or any other concepts) it would give the wrong picture of me when it comes to where I am today in my spiritual evolution and growth. So I wanted to writ... Continue reading here

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“Dear Maria, Thank you for your explanation on the Google+ community page! The reader is referring to this post: I guess most people just don’t get it; hell, I barely get it :( I do understand it mentally and I then fully agree with ... Continue reading here

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Questions About Self-Inquiry and Self-Realization “It is this whole domain of questions that has been tripping me up for a while now. I can’t seem to penetrate to the truth of it all. For example: Who wakes up? At the present time the answer that makes the most sense is that there can̵... Continue reading here

Many times people give away their power to other people, people who they perceive as authority, and that can include spiritual teachers, Guru’s, Priests, or they give away their power to imaginary entities like a God, Goddess, or Satan, or things like Tarot cards, crystals, astrology or what... Continue reading here

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Daily Quote: "Pay attention to how the universe speaks to you today and participate in the flow by taking action on your inclinations." - Maria Erving