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The messenger is never the Truth

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Life has a way of speaking to us on an individual level. When you follow the thread and theme of your current now-moment, deep layers of information becomes available to you. Many, many deep layers that are always available to you.  So discernment has to be developed too, not just awareness, becaus... Continue reading here

What’s the difference between worry and concern? Concern is a healthy and natural response while worry is unhealthy and useless. You can be concerned about someones welfare for example without worrying about them. If your teenage daughter has not come home yet and it’s over midnight tha... Continue reading here

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Have you ever thought about where your cat or dog goes if something happens to you? Are you assuming someone in your family or your BFF will take care of them? If my family assumed that I would take care of their dogs if something happened to them they would be very disappointed, so assuming things ... Continue reading here

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Let your “job” be to find what you’re truly passionate about! Whatever you do, make sure there’s a true passion in you to do it. Otherwise you will never be able to sustain the focus and dedication it takes to create your own business/career AND actually enjoy what you’... Continue reading here

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10 ways that obstruct the flow

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A quick check that will help you get back in flow with Life: By reading below, what rings true for you, what resonates, where do you know you’re obstructing the flow? Here are some of the ways in which flow is hindered and blocked: Not knowing that the voice in your head is not you. Ignoring ... Continue reading here

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Acknowledge your feelings

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Allow yourself to have the full human experience by letting your feelings be without getting entangled in them. We keep ourselves in bondage when we bottle things up or repress our true feelings. Instead of falling into the ego trap of believing that a perfect life is about always being happy and jo... Continue reading here

Most people want to be soothed and comforted by their spiritual teachers and Gurus. Don’t be that kind of person. Don’t engage in spiritual masturbation by only doing what feels good because the only one that it feels good for is your ego. You may think you’re doing profound spi... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.