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I have moved again! The place where I was suppose to be for about a week wasn’t any good, or my room wasn’t any good. The people were nice but because of various reasons that had to do with the room I couldn’t sleep much the whole night so this morning I took the bus to Calangute a... Continue reading here

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Sayalonga to Competa to Torrox

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At the moment I have the privilege to spend time with two wonderful cats in Sayalonga here in Andalucia. It’s so wonderful to be around cats again – I haven’t had the opportunity to be really close to them since I lost my own cat-friend last year. And the house! It’s amazing,... Continue reading here

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I arrived here yesterday and did the usual routine to get myself feel at home and then in the evening I went for a longer walk with my new dog-friend Louis before I went to bed really early, I was so tired. This morning I woke up early and went for a long walk with Louis and later I’ll explore... Continue reading here

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Goodbye Torrox – Hello Competa!

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Just a little update about my whereabouts at the moment :) I have just come back to Competa again but not to the same place; you can read more about how I ended up here again in this post: I will be here until end of August where I will be taking care of a... Continue reading here

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House and Pet Sitting

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House and Pet Sitting in Spain (Costa del Sol) and worldwide: I’ll take care of your pets and house while you’re away. Please go to my information page to learn more about my house and pet sitting services:  I would prefer longer periods at a time (a month ... Continue reading here

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Spirituality in Nerja, Spain

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Intuition and Awareness Workshop in Nerja (Malaga) Learn how to discover and develop your intuition and deepen your awareness and experience how life puts you right back to the rhythm of the universe and your true life when you are true to yourself. You will learn what intuition is, how it communica... Continue reading here

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Update from Nerja!

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The first day or two was hell, the next was pure heaven. I won’t go into any details, I just want to move on and get on with my life, but the first place where I was suppose to stay at until June did not work out at all and I have not felt such unease and being so uncomfortable for ages and al... Continue reading here

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