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Most people want to be soothed and comforted by their spiritual teachers and Gurus. Don’t be that kind of person. Don’t engage in spiritual masturbation by only doing what feels good because the only one that it feels good for is your ego. You may think you’re doing profound spi... Continue reading here


“I’m with Truth now”

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“I only agree with Truth”. Whenever you feel in some way or another attacked by the ego, say this “mantra” to yourself as a reminder that the path you’re on is not really something you chose, but that It chose You. This will help you turn away from the loud voice of the false s... Continue reading here

Walking is helpful when you’re in the spiritual awakening process. When I lived in Norway and was going through my awakening process I used to walk for hours and hours and in the summertime I also used to walk barefoot in the woods. I walked when I felt awful and I walked when I felt blissful,... Continue reading here

Spiritual awakening is not “spiritual”. It doesn’t conform to any spiritual beliefs or concepts, it’s completely 100% non-conceptual. It’s the absence of every spiritual idea and concept, it’s actually the death of spirituality itself. No rules or regulations to f... Continue reading here

My Reiki Healing Journey I got into Reiki in the beginning of the new millennium sometime when I was in rehab for my drug addiction. The rehab center had an alternative focus so in addition to traditional psychotherapy and Gestalt therapy we also received a myriad of different alternative treatments... Continue reading here

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Trust Life – It Has Your Back When you begin to look into the deep realms of reality fear will come up, even terror and panic might come up. The ego will not approve of your deep self-inquiry and it will defend its views and beliefs, it will throw fits, it will reject, it will grasp for experience... Continue reading here

Reader: “I got very tired after my spiritual awakening. I still am a little after starting a new job. What happens after awakening- what do I do now – Just keep meditating?” Maria: Dear Reader, Thank you for sending in your question. However, questions about tiredness (in relation to being aw... Continue reading here

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Daily Quote: "Freedom, peace and joy comes from letting go of yourself into the natural and true flow of your life, and it’s anything but passive, it’s actually the most dynamic, active and alive force there is. And you are That. " - Maria Erving