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Thank you so much for your site, I have resonated with so many articles you have written. I believe I am on the brink of a spiritual awakening. I can’t really put into words exactly why I believe this, other than my quest in recent months to unveil the Truth which has been interspersed with ... Continue reading here

May You Have a Happy, Healthy and Harmonious New Year! It’s January 2017, and this month, on January 25th, fifteen years ago, I went to rehab for my drug addiction and stayed in treatment for over 2 years. In my recovery process I received a lot of Reiki healing and became a Reiki healer (and... Continue reading here

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Be a person of poise in 2017 The (ego) mind craves certainty, it needs certainty in order to feel in control, but since certainty is an illusion it will never be able to predict what will happen next, hence the anxiety for the future. What if you could go into then new year of 2017 with poise?... Continue reading here

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Spiritual surrender is not defeat, it’s victory, it sets you free. You may have come to surrender by feeling defeated, when you have exhausted all your resources and ways of making life “work”. When you’ve come to the point where there’s nothing more you can do and you ... Continue reading here

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Subscribe to my short blogs! Short blogs are, well, they are short, and they are blogs :) I’m known for writing long in-depth articles and I love writing them but sometimes I have something that I want to share quickly simply because I’m inspired to. The short blogs are under 500 words ... Continue reading here

How do you surrender? If you’re in the spiritual awakening process then you know that surrender is a huge part of the process (it’s essential) but it’s also usually the last thing we come to do. And it can take years before we get to that point, and once we’ve surrendered it... Continue reading here

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the Universe. This is true oneness.