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Introducing “Short Blogs”

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Short blogs are, well, they are short, and they are blogs :) I’m known for writing long in-depth articles and I love writing them but sometimes I have something that I want to share quickly simply because I’m inspired to. The short blogs are under 500 words and will always be open to t... Continue reading here

How do you surrender? If you’re in the spiritual awakening process then you know that surrender is a huge part of the process (it’s essential) but it’s also usually the last thing we come to do. And it can take years before we get to that point, and once we’ve surrendered it... Continue reading here

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Can Spiritual Awakening Go Wrong? This is a reply to the reader who I wrote the last article for called “What To Do After A Spiritual Awakening Experience”. (You can find it here: The reader wrote me back and asked: “Can an awakening go wr... Continue reading here

“I don’t know if I am awakening or not but I am so lost. I feel so apathetic about life, it scares me I have become so uncaring. I just want to be by myself, I can’t love my family or dogs like I use to. I am not depressed, I have been there too. I just feel empty inside. I want ... Continue reading here

I wanted to clarify something that I wrote the other day about self-pity. Here’s the comment: Read It Here  Self-pity is not to be confused with the sadness and sometimes even deep grief that comes with spiritual transformation, and yes, short moments of self-pity too, but there’s a dif... Continue reading here


When You Have Done All You Can

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Do what you can, use your resources and implement every idea that comes to you and then.. Let it go. Your work is done (until you feel an inner prompting to do something again). “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt After my cancellation of the ... Continue reading here

Subscribe to my Teleclasses and get instant access to all of them. So far there’s 24 different spiritual topics for you to listen to; a total of 17 hours of recordings. There are topics here that I obviously don’t believe in/that don’t resonate anymore and that I have awakened from (th... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.