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I wanted to clarify something that I wrote the other day about self-pity. Here’s the comment: Read It Here  Self-pity is not to be confused with the sadness and sometimes even deep grief that comes with spiritual transformation, and yes, short moments of self-pity too, but there’s a dif... Continue reading here


When You Have Done All You Can

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Do what you can, use your resources and implement every idea that comes to you and then.. Let it go. Your work is done (until you feel an inner prompting to do something again). “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt After my cancellation of the ... Continue reading here

Subscribe to my Teleclasses and get instant access to all of them. So far there’s 24 different spiritual topics for you to listen to; a total of 17 hours of recordings. There are topics here that I obviously don’t believe in/that don’t resonate anymore and that I have awakened from (th... Continue reading here


I’m Going To India

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A while ago I started to get this really strong pull towards going traveling and the countries that came up for me was Peru and India and I pondered this for a while, did some research and felt more and more drawn to India and now the decision has become clear to me: I have decided to go solo trave... Continue reading here

Sometimes life takes a completely different turn that we had anticipated or even planned, and the immediate reaction from our human perspective is to go “oh, no, this can’t be happening, what do I do now?”. But as we lean towards what Life is trying to do through its sudden twists ... Continue reading here

How Do I Get My Awakening Back? “.. losing the enlightened perspective I had… to have it all vanish is devastating. I was transformed, I was a completely new and better me and then reverted back to the old me in a matter of weeks. I wish there were resources or info of people who have had ... Continue reading here


What To Do When Waiting On God

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Something is always brewing, we’re always in a process of moving forward with our dreams, desires and plans (even when it seems we’re not), but sometimes we get in our own way by stubbornly trying to make things happen when only God can make them happen. As human beings we are not always... Continue reading here

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Daily Quote: "Freedom, peace and joy comes from letting go of yourself into the natural and true flow of your life, and it’s anything but passive, it’s actually the most dynamic, active and alive force there is. And you are That. " - Maria Erving