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How can I feel sane again without using prescription drugs? Two and a half years ago I was exposed to MDMA, Marihuana and Magic Mushroom and the day after the Shrooms I believe I went through an ego death. I went through derealization/depersonalization, memories of myself became not familiar and I h... Continue reading here

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“I feel like I haven’t dealt with myself and all that has happened over the years and I’m not sure how to release the emotions I have inside of me. I’m afraid of what can happen because there is so much. How should I approach this healing which I know I need but are afraid to u... Continue reading here

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100 Coaching Questions

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I have just recorded a three part series that has to do with self-awareness (about life, self and purpose) on my Teleclass page: Self-coaching questions: Self/values etc PART 1/3 (21 min.)  Self-coaching questions: Work/purpose/brand PART 2/3 (26 min.)  Self-coaching questions: Action and final wo... Continue reading here


There is a Mystery (Go with it)

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We are a mystery, we are the mystery.  We can never understand ourselves fully and life unfolds in a shedding process, we change skin continuously and the more we push ourselves – in whatever way that is unique for us – the more we grow and discover. A thing we do, like this thing I did, might... Continue reading here

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How To Stop Worrying About Money

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I received a question from a reader and he writes about being exhausted by constantly worrying about money. Here’s snippets of what he wrote: “’s driving me nuts and I’ve been struggling with this for 20 years of marriage.. We have had as little as 200 dollars in savings acc... Continue reading here

This week I will speak about the transformative power of words and how changing our language, the way we speak and the words we use, can help transform and change any condition or situation around. Words can also be used to empower us and to bring forth the power of God within us and so I will be sp... Continue reading here

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This week I will talk about opening the door to our greatness, or God, and let our desires take form in our lives, and I will also speak about the side of it that is not so comfortable, because when we decide to transform our lives, things begin to happen that restructures and reorganizes everything... Continue reading here

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How The Ego Keeps Humanity Small

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Here follows nine tools that the ego uses in order to be able to continue being the leading force in most peoples lives: Fear: This is the Number One tool it uses. Fear, worry, anxiety, etc.  Fear of moving outside the familiar, fear of being ridiculed, fear of failure, fear of not getting somethi... Continue reading here

Here follows a description on what happens before a healing session with me, and what you might experience during the session, and what to expect after a session. Before a Healing Session Before a distant healing session we discuss (via email) your needs and desires in regards to the healing sessio... Continue reading here


How To Overcome Habits

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A reader asked me “do you have any articles on overcoming habits?” and “what is your daily spiritual practice?” so I was instantly inspired to write this article about breaking habits because the answers I have intertwine with each other. A habit is: a settled or regular tendency or pract... Continue reading here

“The Power Of Aligned Thought – How The Mind Works And How To Use It” by Maria Erving. This information packed e-book is 34 pages long, and the contents are: Chapter 1: The Conscious Mind Chapter 2: The Subconscious Mind Chapter 3: How To Open The Door To The Subconscious Mind And Re-P... Continue reading here

Please contact me and ask me about my next program: Contact me here. Start off 2015 with a New Vision for Yourself and Your Life Start the year off right and join me in my four week long transformational program. At this time of the year many start to reflect on the year that has been and that’... Continue reading here


How To Deal With An Ego Attack

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What to do when you’re suddenly gripped by a wave of deep discouragement, doubt, fear (even panic), sadness, depression, anger and rage? When only a few hours ago or the day before you felt fine, or even great, and now you have suddenly forgotten all about the goodness in your life and this a... Continue reading here


Live Your True Life Online Classes

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Please join my mailing list to stay updated on my upcoming events. I’m also available for speaking/teaching engagements by invitation: Maria ErvingI'm a Transformational Teacher, Healer and Writer. My work is dedicated to help people to the next level whether the... Continue reading here

I want to write a little bit about what I mean when I talk about using affirmations, and why many use them in a wrong way and therefor don’t get any real results. I will also present to you another way to use affirmations that I use myself and that I find to be very helpful and productive. Usu... Continue reading here


Distant Healing Benefits

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The true self does not need healing, but the mind that believes in error needs to be redirected and set free. It’s the belief in duality that has made a person miserable and unhappy, and the Truth of who you are is what sets you free. Most of our problems, whether they are emotional, mental, phys... Continue reading here

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In my most recent email to my mailing list I wrote about ten things regarding intuition and the importance of listening to it, and that the best way to get in touch with it was through meditation and stillness. I’ll post the ten points here for you if you didn’t happen to read it: 1. It... Continue reading here

Let go of your past; stop dragging your old selves with you. There is no “wounded inner child” to heal; the only thing that needs to be healed is the error belief that there is an inner child that needs healing in the first place.  Those are only beliefs that people hold on to; memories... Continue reading here

I’m not talking about the concept of non-duality, but the actual living of oneness where duality has been seen through, where the understanding of everything being consciousness has become clear. What a freedom it is to have no one to blame, no one to feel resentful towards, no one to pray to ... Continue reading here

As you may remember from what I wrote in this article recently I mentioned how helpful it is to write a journal, and how revealing it is to look back and see how life has unfolded because you can clearly see your own spiritual growth and how things sometimes shifts radically from one day to another... Continue reading here


How To Listen To Your Intuition

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How to sense the difference between intuition and the voice of ego: BODY: There are ways in which we can learn how to sense the difference and start making wiser decisions for ourselves and one of them is to listen to your body and how it feels in regards to something you’re about to do or ge... Continue reading here

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Lets always challenge our beliefs, because none of them are true. That’s what liberates us, but we have to be willing to really look and question them. In this article I want bring up some points and questions that I hope will challenge your mind when it comes to Astrology. Part one of this a... Continue reading here

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Life is not about ‘creating ourselves’, it’s about ‘dissolving into who we are’, or discovering who we are not and behind the concepts and ideas of who we think we are, when dropped, or relinquished; there we are. There’s a fundamental difference, in that if ther... Continue reading here

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Truth Doesn’t Need Belief

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I must say I don’t resonate much with believers (in anything) – I mean everyone is entitled to believe what they want, but beliefs are nothing more than opinions and ideas, and they change all the time. And sure, they can be interesting to listen to and talk about, but that’s pretty much ... Continue reading here

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