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Challenge the status quo to create change When I speak about doing things differently I don’t necessary mean doing them better. I literally mean differently.  It’s not so much about improving your life (although it will improve your life) but about exposing yourself to realms outsid... Continue reading here


How To Turn Your Thinking Around

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Here’s a few articles that will help you turn your thinking around and see things from a different perspective and point-of-view: “.. by choosing Love no matter what, and you’re on the right path. There are other ways too in which you can invite the presence of Love in your experience ... Continue reading here

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Introducing “Short Blogs”

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Short blogs are, well, they are short, and they are blogs :) I’m known for writing long in-depth articles and I love writing them but sometimes I have something that I want to share quickly simply because I’m inspired to. The short blogs are under 500 words and will always be open to t... Continue reading here

How can I feel sane again without using prescription drugs? Two and a half years ago I was exposed to MDMA, Marihuana and Magic Mushroom and the day after the Shrooms I believe I went through an ego death. I went through derealization/depersonalization, memories of myself became not familiar and I h... Continue reading here

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“I feel like I haven’t dealt with myself and all that has happened over the years and I’m not sure how to release the emotions I have inside of me. I’m afraid of what can happen because there is so much. How should I approach this healing which I know I need but are afraid to u... Continue reading here

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There is a Mystery (Go with it)

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We are a mystery, we are the mystery.  We can never understand ourselves fully and life unfolds in a shedding process, we change skin continuously and the more we push ourselves – in whatever way that is unique for us – the more we grow and discover. A thing we do, like this thing I did, might... Continue reading here

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Challenge Your Beliefs About God

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Beliefs become crutches that hinders our true nature from flowing freely and if we never dare to question them we are held prisoners by our own minds. Most beliefs are delusions as beliefs are not true, they are simply ideas that has been accepted as true, or they have been unconsciously developed ... Continue reading here

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My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.