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Lets always challenge our beliefs, because none of them are true. That’s what liberates us, but we have to be willing to really look and question them. In this article I want bring up some points and questions that I hope will challenge your mind when it comes to Astrology. Part one of this a... Continue reading here

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Life is not about ‘creating ourselves’, it’s about ‘dissolving into who we are’, or discovering who we are not and behind the concepts and ideas of who we think we are, when dropped, or relinquished; there we are. There’s a fundamental difference, in that if ther... Continue reading here

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Truth Doesn’t Need Belief

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I must say I don’t resonate much with believers (in anything) – I mean everyone is entitled to believe what they want, but beliefs are nothing more than opinions and ideas, and they change all the time. And sure, they can be interesting to listen to and talk about, but that’s pretty much ... Continue reading here


Even Fear Has a Purpose

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The ego wants to have something to hold on to (opinions and beliefs) and it’s annoying for it to hear that we are exactly where we need to be because it likes to marinade itself in either self-pity and yes, fear.  While the ego is fear (ego=fear) it also fears fear. It’s a peculiar litt... Continue reading here

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Q: I have been living in two worlds for 2,5 years now. It means half of the time I have felt great peace, happiness and joy and other half been mostly anxious or depressed. During that time I did only small changes in my everyday life (because I really didn’t know what to do). Now I’m f... Continue reading here

Here follows some of the most common concerns that people are experiencing in the process of spiritual awakening. It’s very common to feel panic welling up inside when dissolution and confusion reigns. Grace can be fierce, but to know that it is (it’s only burning that which is no longe... Continue reading here


Breaking Free From Conditioning

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Discord for the ego is harmony on a higher level of spirit and something that upsets us and rattles our cages so to speak can be the thing that breaks the spell if we are open to it, while the things that makes us stand rigidly by our opinions and not open to hear others out, that’s what keeps... Continue reading here

Thoughts arise in consciousness but they are not ‘created’ by us, we don’t chose them and create them, and they are not true. Everybody experiences thoughts, but after a shift in consciousness we come to realize that not a single one of the thoughts that arise are true and we also... Continue reading here

Q: Sometimes my heart is filled with so much emotion I have trouble figuring out all the emotions that I am feeling at once. I find that sometimes the emotions come, I welcome them and the feelings are so intense that my body also reacts. For instance when I sit and find a place of calm being, I wi... Continue reading here

There are ultimately no mistakes, all that happens is meant to happen, and the so called mistakes we make is nothing but us not listening (or trusting) our intuition. Just look at the world!  How we destroy the planet by our greedy behavior, it’s all coming from an ego based level of consciou... Continue reading here

Most people are so identified with thinking and completely unaware of it, and when we believe our thoughts rigidly we live a very anxious life, full of worry and fear and life becomes very serious. The ego is easily offended and challenged because it’s full of opinions and conclusions. When we... Continue reading here

There are many ways the mind tries to distract you when you sit down to meditate and one of the most common phenomenons that happen usually in the beginning when someone is just starting out with meditation is the sudden urge to sleep. There you are, making yourself comfortable where you sit and you... Continue reading here

Q: ”I have a question about how to work with strong emotions. I had a spiritual opening some years ago and since then I have had very strong emotions of anger and sadness that I can’t seem to let go of. My intuition tells me that the only way to move through these emotions is by expressing ... Continue reading here

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The ego could be described as a movement of thought in the mind that has a limited perception of reality, it actually clouds it completely. It’s the false sense of self. I use both words, the ego and the mind, as one sometimes in my articles though. When the identification to that false self ... Continue reading here


Our People Pleasing Society

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One belief that has poisoned humanity is the belief that you should always have everybody’s good in mind. We should always behave in correct ways, never share thoughts that differs from others because they might upset others, we should always say the correct things that are socially accepted,... Continue reading here


Is Your Life a Conditioned State?

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Whenever there’s some kind of clinging going on, whether it’s to other people (as in “I love you, phleeeease love me back or I won’t be fulfilled and happy”), to ideas and dogmas (as in “this is the truth, I am right and you are wrong”), or clinging to the p... Continue reading here


Be True To Who You Are

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The Spirit has many more outlets and expressions that many people will admit, or even have the courage to allow within themselves. They think (unconsciously) they have to stay put where they are and be content with that, many times because they have invested a lot of money, time or effort into somet... Continue reading here

One of my readers asked me a question: Hi Maria, I have a question, I studied some of your articles from your website in which you said we needed to allow the emotion so that it will dissipate sooner by teaching something to us. If it comes from deeper then you are right, that will go away, but what... Continue reading here

I’ve just found an old interview with me that I thought I’d share with you It’s called “Learn How to Step Into the Flow of YOU” and was a 60 minute audio interview by Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, who is a world-renowned Life Coach, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Author, ... Continue reading here

How a response instead of a reaction to an event can change the unfolding. (And our emotional well-being). In every instance of our life, all we have is Now and all we have to ‘deal with’ is the present moment, however it presents itself. Whatever comes up, we can chose to respond to th... Continue reading here

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Be True To Who You Are And From That Space Your Real Life Will Unfold Naturally!