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How To Stop Worrying About Money

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I received a question from a reader and he writes about being exhausted by constantly worrying about money. Here’s snippets of what he wrote: “’s driving me nuts and I’ve been struggling with this for 20 years of marriage.. We have had as little as 200 dollars in savings acc... Continue reading here

This week I will speak about the transformative power of words and how changing our language, the way we speak and the words we use, can help transform and change any condition or situation around. Words can also be used to empower us and to bring forth the power of God within us and so I will be sp... Continue reading here

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This week I will talk about opening the door to our greatness, or God, and let our desires take form in our lives, and I will also speak about the side of it that is not so comfortable, because when we decide to transform our lives, things begin to happen that restructures and reorganizes everything... Continue reading here

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How The Ego Keeps Humanity Small

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Here follows nine tools that the ego uses in order to be able to continue being the leading force in most peoples lives: Fear: This is the Number One tool it uses. Fear, worry, anxiety, etc.  Fear of moving outside the familiar, fear of being ridiculed, fear of failure, fear of not getting somethi... Continue reading here

Here follows a description on what happens before a healing session with me, and what you might experience during the session, and what to expect after a session. Before a Healing Session Before a distant healing session we discuss your needs and desires in regards to the healing session. After our... Continue reading here


How To Overcome Habits

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A reader asked me “do you have any articles on overcoming habits?” and “what is your daily spiritual practice?” so I was instantly inspired to write this article about breaking habits because the answers I have intertwine with each other. A habit is: a settled or regular tendency or pract... Continue reading here

“The Power Of Aligned Thought – How The Mind Works And How To Use It” by Maria Erving. This information packed e-book is 34 pages long, and the contents are: Chapter 1: The Conscious Mind Chapter 2: The Subconscious Mind Chapter 3: How To Open The Door To The Subconscious Mind And Re-P... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.