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Links, Pretty Links and Permalinks

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What Are Pretty Links and Permalinks? How To Make Links Look Better A great thing to do now that your blog is brand new is to change the permalink settings. (If you change them later on, you will need a plugin that convert your old URL’s to the new setting, more about that in another post. But... Continue reading here

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What’s a Favicon? A Favicon is the small image where the URL is. (Beside your domain name) If you have a new blog, it probably look like this at the moment: (There’s nothing there, only a white square) And when you have a Favicon it looks like this: So how do you get a Favicon? It’... Continue reading here

Here’s how you can…. Create An Email Signature And Autoresponder On Roundcube! It’s great to have a signature to your email, not only does it save you time every time you send an email to someone, but it also allows you to add links to your websites so that people you interact with... Continue reading here

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Here’s what you can do to let people who visit your personal profile on Facebook know about your fanpage as well. See the link:   Simply go to: Edit profile > Education and work:   Click on the link, and you’ll get re-directed to the settings page:   And that’s it... Continue reading here

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How To Change The ‘Just Another WordPress Blog’ Text: Click on “Settings” (under “Tools”) > General. Here you can change the tagline (which is saying “Just another WordPress Blog” by default) into something that describes your blog, so that people who visit your blog for the first... Continue reading here

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A vanity URL is not only for looks, but it’s great for SEO as well, as your name or brand will be attached to the URL. This is how my Google+ link looks: You can create a nice looking Google Plus URL here: Here’s How to Add Images to Your Goog... Continue reading here

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