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Learn how to capture the magical moments in your life I’ve just come back to civilization again after have been up in the Andalusian mountains for 2-3 weeks. It was an absolutely amazing time – massively transformational and magical! Imagine being all alone in the mountains, staying in a go... Continue reading here


Unconditional Love Meditation

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It’s full moon time and I was inspired to record a meditation for you because many people all around the world can feel at unease at this time, so I wanted to extend my love out to all of you. By listening to this guided meditation you will open up for the unconditional love that is within you... Continue reading here

Let go of any fears, worries or concerns – you are on the right path. Our desires are desires that Life wants to realize through and as us, and sometimes, on this path we have chosen, there are times of uncertainty, fear and worry. There are always difficult times and challenges when you let go ... Continue reading here

“The Power Of Aligned Thought – How The Mind Works And How To Use It” by Maria Erving. This information packed e-book is 34 pages long, and the contents are: Chapter 1: The Conscious Mind Chapter 2: The Subconscious Mind Chapter 3: How To Open The Door To The Subconscious Mind And Re-P... Continue reading here

Thoughts arise in consciousness but they are not ‘created’ by us, we don’t chose them and create them, and they are not true. Everybody experiences thoughts, but after a shift in consciousness we come to realize that not a single one of the thoughts that arise are true and we also... Continue reading here

Q: Many religions and philosophies have affirmations or mandalas and various tools that I believe make it easier to hear our inner true being over the ego mind. I am getting the understanding from what I read you say this is not necessary and it may just be giving the ego too much attention. Is that... Continue reading here

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.