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Happy New Year!

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Thank you everyone for a fab year, thank you for the support and love sent my way, for your friendship,.. for you just being who you are! Thank you for all shares, ‘likes’, +1’s etc and for all the interesting conversations we have had here on and on Skype, email an... Continue reading here


Receive Two of My E-books for Free

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Join My Mailing List and Receive Two of My E-books For Free! Receive inspirational and helpful Emails and stay in touch. After you have joined, simply return to this post and the e-books will be visible here for you.   “Clarity Exercise: With Over 30 Powerful Questions That Helps Gain Cla... Continue reading here


New moon in Taurus

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Happy new moon in Taurus! :-D ... Continue reading here

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Happy New Moon in Aries!

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... Continue reading here

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Words with positive vibration

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Yesterday me and some of my Facebook friends played this wonderful little game. We went through the alphabet and we wrote down all kinds of words with positive meaning to us, and it created such a good vibe that I was inspired to do something more with it, so I created this Wordle :-) (Click on the ... Continue reading here

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