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Heads-up regarding the upcoming website changes in mid-October: Please make sure you’ve read the email I sent to you a week ago or so with the subject line: “Important membership site changes [PLEASE READ]” If you haven’t read it yet, please do. And if you for some reason did not rec... Continue reading here

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Receive Two of My E-books for Free

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Join My Mailing List and Receive Two of My E-books For Free! Receive inspirational and helpful Emails and stay in touch. After you have joined, simply return to this post and the e-books will be visible here for you.   “Clarity Exercise: With Over 30 Powerful Questions That Helps Gain Cla... Continue reading here

Woo hoo! :-D Now my site is available for mobile users as well; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and what not. I'm still using a relic when it comes to mobile phones so please let me know if something is not working, or if you see some errors somewhere. Use the link at the bottom of my site; "Report a... Continue reading here

As part of the 4th Anniversary Celebration at iThemes, they are offering 44% off all products (except LIVE Events) through the end of January. Use coupon code COMMUNITY and you can save 44%! Click on image to get redirected to the store where you can browse and have a look at all the different... Continue reading here

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I'm using the Flexx theme by iThemes and one thing that kind of annoyed me a bit was that the default font size is a bit too small for my eyes. I like larger font size rather than small, so I figured out how to change it. Here's how you can change the font size: Go to Appearance > Editor>... Continue reading here

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I just couldn't figure out how to solve this issue so I asked for help in the iThemes forum and Ronald there kindly helped me with this. Serverbuddy showed that everything was fine, (no fails), and Ronald asked me to visit the permalinks page (wp-dashboard > Settings > Permalinks) and click... Continue reading here

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Links, Pretty Links and Permalinks

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What Are Pretty Links and Permalinks? How To Make Links Look Better A great thing to do now that your blog is brand new is to change the permalink settings. (If you change them later on, you will need a plugin that convert your old URL's to the new setting, more about that in another post. But if... Continue reading here

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What's a Favicon? A Favicon is the small image where the URL is. (Beside your domain name) If you have a new blog, it probably look like this at the moment: (There's nothing there, only a white square) And when you have a Favicon it looks like this: So how do you get a Favicon? ... Continue reading here

Here's a list of some of the plugins I have used (and use) and that I have been happy with. What are plugins? Now that you have set up your new blog, and done some basic things like removed the "Just another WordPress site"-text from your blog, you will need some additional "plugins". They ar... Continue reading here

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What Is The All In One SEO PluginThat You Need For Your WordPress Blog And How Does It Work? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps you if you want to have many readers; it helps you get more traffic to your WordPress blog. This plugin is essential. With it you can also add even... Continue reading here

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Comment Notifier Plugin Settings The Comment Notifier is a Great Little WordPress Plugin! It allows blog visitors to subscribe to comment threads, receiving an email in their mailbox on new comments. Scroll down to 'comments' on this post to see what I mean; there's an option after you have writt... Continue reading here

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How To Change The ‘Just Another WordPress Blog’ Text: Click on “Settings” (under “Tools”) > General. Here you can change the tagline (which is saying “Just another WordPress Blog” by default) into something that describes your blog, so that people who visit your blog for the... Continue reading here

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... so I removed it from my site! I really liked the floating share button, but I didn't trust it. I don't know why it didn't show the correct numbers of shares, maybe it conflicted with my theme. Every day it showed different number of likes and shares, and not in a good way. One day I co... Continue reading here

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