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Looking for a membership site plugin for your website? That’s GREAT!I have one I can recommend as I have just purchased my own license and are in the process of building a membership site myself. Membership sites are really popular at the moment, and what I can say after have done a LOT of re... Continue reading here

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How To Backup Your WordPress Blog To backup your WordPress you need these two plugins: (IMPORTANT NOTE IN THE END OF POST, PLEASE READ) WordPress Backup (by BTE) Description: “WordPress Backup is an essential plugin for all WordPress blog administrators by the BTE. It performs regular backups of y... Continue reading here

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Regarding Email marketing and how to do it the right way versus the wrong way: It is never OK to add people to business email lists without their permission.  I, for one, do NOT like being added to mailing lists just because I once wrote you, or because we are Facebook friends. That doesn’t give ... Continue reading here

My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.