Change begins with YOU


The other day I told someone about my choice of becoming a vegetarian and once again, in a different context this time, but still, I was met with a comment I just can’t get my head around.

I just don’t get it how people are not aware of how their choices in life affects the whole world in some way. (I’m a vegetarian out of ethical reasons)

The comment was something like (paraphrasing); “what different does it make if you are a vegetarian? It’s not much you can do anyway. It is what it is”, and I’m like “What??”

I mean, it has everything to do with you!

I tried to explain that every choice we make has a consequence. We are always supporting some kind of energy exchange, whatever we do, because we are making choices in our life non-stop.

Everything has a consequence or result, all our choices matter.

So of course it matters what you do! You know the story about the man who walked on the beach and saw fishes lying around, gasping for air, and the man started to throw back the fishes into the sea when someone came by and said that “you can’t help them all you know” or something like that, and the man replied “well, I helped this one, didn’t I?”

I wonder if it was Wayne Dyer who told this story..? Don’t remember. Anyway, it clearly shows that what we do either help others or not. I mean, imagine if every single one of us in the whole world could pick up one piece of garbage laying around in the streets and put it in a garbage bin instead? One piece, per person, per day.

That would make a huge impact on our earth!

And what we do, how we chose to show up in the world, absolutely influences the people around us.

We can either be inspired by other peoples choices or not. Either way, we are transmitting our energy into the world, we are interacting with each other energetically all the time.

All change in the world really begins with us. How could it be another way?

Go around telling others how to live, and not walking the talk..? No, it begins with one person at a time, with ourselves.


Spiritual Teacher Maria Erving

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.