Don’t Make The Mind Into An Enemy


Sometimes people ask me how to get rid of the ego, so I thought I’d write a few words about it as I was inspired to do just a short while ago when I was meditating at the beach where I live, see pics below 🙂

My reply is: please don’t try to get rid of the ego, stop fighting wars with your mind, stop trying to control it and stop making your thoughts into your enemies.

The ego is nothing to get rid of, because it doesn’t exist, so all those attempts to get rid of it only lead to you chasing your own tail but never catch it so to speak; it’s illusive and the more you argue with your mind, the more you do things with an agenda of getting rid of it or control it, the more you delude yourself, and the more deeply into suffering you go.

So let it be.

You will realize that when you do, it dissolves. There’s no more fighting and grasping and striving going on in order to control it. You don’t even have to understand it. In fact, only the mind itself has the need to understand, but Truth doesn’t.

It doesn’t care, because there is nothing to understand, nothing to “get” and nothing to solve.

The moment we let go, we are free.

So there’s no war necessary, there’s no need to look down on the ego, there’s no need to judge it or condemn it.

Actually, the more you engage in those kinds of things, the more you will suffer, and believe it or not, the ego revels in your agony. (The more emotionally attached you are to your thoughts, the more the ego is kept alive and well in your mind).

So just let it be, just observe it lightheartedly, and become aware of the observer instead.

Who is observing thoughts come and go, emotions come up, and life happening? Who is that..?

Relax into your own being, it’s in the nothingness you “find” yourself, it’s not in the mind, so don’t make it into your enemy or problem to be solved.

The mind is a great tool for knowledge (=learned stuff, but not wisdom), it’s functional that way (to use to build things, to figure out how to get to the moon etc), but you will not find a thread of Truth there (only concepts, beliefs and programs), it’s just a misconception of the mind that it can find itself in and by itself.

Your true nature is beyond that and it’s in silence you will discover it.

Let go, and relax, take a moment to just let all that go and see how it feels inside when you do.


Spiritual Teacher Maria Erving

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.