Eight powerful questions to ask yourself to get ‘un-stuck’


First; meditation, is, like Michael Beckwith puts it so wonderfully; “to pay undistractable attention to Reality”

It’s so true; and so we begin with that.

Close your eyes. Get yourself into a ‘love vibe’, get still, with the intention to listen deeply to whatever comes when asking the following questions. Put yourself in a relaxed state of mind; an attentive stillness.

Pay attention to your breathing, and when (slowly) ask yourself these questions and listen deeply.

  • What is God’s idea of itself as my life?
  • What is seeking to emerge as the highest possibility in, and as, my _____________ (business, relationships, health etc)
  • What must I become in order to manifest my vision? (God can only do for us what God can do through us and as us)
  • Where must I grow in order to manifest the vision I have?
  • How must I change? (change comes with change of consciousness)
  • What gifts/qualities/skills do I need to hone?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What talents/capacities do I already have that can serve my vision?

There’s three aspects to meditation that I would like to add to this topic; to be able to get un-stuck I strongly suggest you put meditation on your daily agenda, and we don’t have to sit in Lotus position or anything.

Contemplative meditation like reading inspirational texts, poems and so on; quotes etc, is also meditation.

Existential meditation is another; when we ask about life and who we are; “Who am I, why I am here?” can also help us get un-stuck.

A third aspect to meditation is to have or experience a spiritual realization of being One with God and therefor meditate with the intention of waking up to that inner knowing in waking life.

All these intentions will help set yourself free. It’s when we come into stillness and meditation with an earnest and sincere desire to know our Oneness for real (by living it), and not only conceptually, that open us up to higher realms of beingness, and we are setting ourselves free.

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