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I thought I’d write you about this issue because I have just found out that someone has thought I have blocked them out from my Facebook for the longest time, when in reality I can’t even access my personal profile there and haven’t been able to since 2011!

My Facebook hasn’t worked properly since last year and even after many reports Facebook has still not fixed it.

And no worries; I have not been hacked or got a virus or anything – all this happened when I changed my account to a business account. (Converted from personal to business).

I can only access my pages, and not even they work 100%.

I can’t ‘like’ stuff online, I can’t access other peoples profiles and so on, and I don’t have a search box, neither can I see the FB stream.

Because of this issue, messages on Facebook gets lost, notifications don’t always work and so on, so the best way to get in contact with me is via my website or email. (Or Tweet me: @mariaerving)

So please don’t write me private messages on FB as it’s not sure that I even receive them.

Some has also said that they don’t get my updates and posts, so I assume my page gets lost in the FB stream too, and that means you will have to remember me and visit my page “manually” as I can’t be seen at all times in the stream.

Until Facebook fixes this it is what it is, but after I have done some research it looks like the wait can be somewhat long…

I can still interact with others on my own page, but I know that my replies and comments are not always notified to others so it may seem like I never answer you, but I can assure you that I do, so you need to manually visit me (I think) in order to see if and when I reply as the notifications are not working.

If we’re not yet connected there; here’s my page:


I’m on Google Plus too, you’ll find the links in the sidebar –>

OK, so that was that. Now you know why I haven’t replied to you (if you have contacted me on FB), and that I haven’t ignored you or blocked you.

Here’s an update on my vegetable garden; just finished it yesterday, see pics below.

Looking forward to see it grow 🙂

Look at those dark clouds in the third pic (also from my backyard) – hoping for lots of sunshine now! 🙂

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.