Faith and Trust Booster (Audio)


I was working on a new Teleclass about faith when I suddenly got inspired to create an audio for you; a “faith and trust booster” with over 70 quotes and verses from the Bible.

Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ” – Romans 10:17

(To me the Bible is about you and me, about us and our transformational journey and awakening, so this has nothing to do with religion. God is within you.)

Hope this recording gives you a faith booster if you’re in need of one.

Put your headphones on, close your eyes and relax as you listen to the encouraging quotes:

Faith Booster: (15 min.) Faith Booster

Peace be with you

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  1. Owen says:


    Thank you so much for your Faith and Trust Booster. I cannot begin to tell you how important that was for me.

    Lately, I’ve had some extremely challenging days (due to my limited understanding in this awakening process).

    I don’t know what to call this (“happening”) within me, other than call it streams of continual “spiritual experiences,” but that doesn’t even sound correct.

    Right now, it’s taking every ounce of energy to type this because simultaneously there’s another part of me, I call the “old me” ( which doesn’t really feel like the “old me” at all), it’s more of an intimidating presence towards the “new me” that’s still under construction.

    I don’t take these experiences lightly nor do I speak about them to others, because people will think I have lost my mind. I wouldn’t blame them if they did.

    During these times, waves of helplessness move through me, leaving me with no other choice except to “trust” and wait for it (the experience) to run its course. Not that it’s bad, ( it’s just unknown) and that’s new to me and a little uncomfortable.

    I wish I knew how to relay what I really mean. There are more times than not that I find myself (aware) and existing in two worlds, as if I somehow accessed an hairline crack within myself that separates the two.

    Experiences from the inside- out are happening all around me. Most of the time these experiences are very subtle but extremely significant and powerful enough to compel me to keep moving forward and towards whatever it is that I’m moving towards.

    I’m clueless ( but I’m not) and dear God, I know that makes no sense.

    Maria, I’m aware of this presence within me and (I’m fighting it and I don’t want to fight), I don’t know why it’s so hard to stop. It’s exhausting.

    There is symbolism all around me and I do mean “ALL” around me (awake and asleep) and these unusual feelings are beginning to come up for me that (I do not understand).

    Example: I’ve started experiencing waves of jealousy about things, people,and situations that I seriously do not even care about!

    It’s as if (I’m) observing (me) being envious about another persons happiness or good fortune, even though I wouldn’t want the life their living and all the social responsibility that comes with it for anything in this world!

    I don’t attach to the feeling very long other than ask myself, “what the hell?” And I move along carrying with me my confusion because the real me, truly wants the best for other people.

    I literally feel like I’m dragging around another person inside of my body that I’m not particularly fond of.

    My dreams and visions are becoming more distinctive. The lines of reality don’t seem blurred instead they feel more like their becoming the same. I become a bit nervous when this unusual (duality) gets my attention. Is this my ego?

    I just don’t know yet what to do other than what I’m doing and that’s pretty much nothing. I stood alone in my office the other day and I went somewhere else while my body stayed put. I was startled when I realized, I had been standing still in the middle of the room for at least 5 minutes (frozen).

    I wish these subtle movements within me would move into a more profound movement that would put an end to this damn duality going on within me. But, I know I can rush anything especially if there’s a missing piece that I haven’t grasped as of yet.

    I just desperately want to grow out of this duality I keep experiencing.

    Anyway, thank you for allowing me to share. I hope this didn’t sound too confusing.

  2. Maria Erving says:

    You’re very welcome Owen, I’m glad it came to you at a time you needed it and that you found it helpful.

    And thank you for appreciating what I share, it means a lot to me to know and hear.

    Thank you for sharing from your spiritual journey and the challenges that you are going through right now as well.

    I know this for sure and that is that these types of openhearted sharings help and support other people that are going through an awakening process too.

    Even if it’s just to know that they are not alone, and that they are not crazy!

    One thing that I noticed in your comment was that you wrote “the ‘new me’ that’s still under construction” and I want to comment that.

    The true self is not being built, or constructed, this is a demolition plan but there is no new construction going on.

    The ego is dying and what is left when all the false is removed, is your true self.

    It’s already full and complete, but it’s hidden behind a lot of other stuff, like beliefs and ideas about who you think you are.

    This goes for everyone, the true self already exists, in all its perfection and fullness.

    You might like this article:


    I know how uncomfortable it can be to go through some of the experiences in the awakening process and some of them are more than slightly uncomfortable, but it’s good to know that all things pass. (Phew!)

    The most important thing is to stay with it and not avoid the process, because if we do we don’t get transformed by the processes, we just go through the motions so to speak.

    It’s not enough to go through them, we have to grow through them, otherwise we never move beyond them.

    This article came to mind:


    It’s an old article but I think you’ll like it.

    Same thing about the emotional changes you are experiencing, like feelings of jealousy etc, those too are normal things we go through, not all go through the same emotions, but they do appear in this process.

    All kinds of weird stuff happens 🙂 Some of them are wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful, others are, well, not so comfortable or lovely at all.

    Staying true and honest is the key that helps you move through your challenging process into a new level of understanding and consciousness and it sounds like you are doing exactly that.

  3. W says:

    I just love your heart!
    🙂 Thank you so much

  4. Maria Erving says:

    Thank you W, that is so kind of you to say! 🙂 ♥

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.