Healing Sessions in Ronda, Spain (Marbella, Malaga)


Healing Sessions Package.

Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Healing.

My healing work is intuitively guided and can be an enormous help and support in various life changes, challenges, and transitional phases.

If you’re in the midst of a crisis or a roadblock in your personal life then a series of healing sessions in a short period of time can help center yourself and get your life back on track again.

Healing can also aid you in your spiritual growth and development and be helpful in your progress in moving forward and upward on your path.

The healing sessions takes place every 2-3 days (five in total) and the time that we work together can therefor be highly transformational for you as things can shift quickly from one day to another.

How it works:

An initial single session is required before booking a series of healing sessions.

More about single sessions here: Transformational Sessions.

Before our first healing session we begin with discussing your needs and also schedule the dates of our sessions.

After our talk it’s time for your first healing session where you simply lay down and relax for the next hour or so while I work energetically on you.

While doing this, I might receive information through images, intuitive messages or sensations which I then share with you after the session.

As the sessions unfold I’m able to identify more and more what the underlying blockages are so that you can get a deeper understanding on how to get unstuck and/or back in alignment.

We’ll also talk about any experiences you have, shifts, changes and future needs etc so every following session follows your unique needs as they unfold.

A healing package of 5 sessions is 350 €.

This includes a short consultation before and after each session, and an unlimited email support in between sessions if you have any questions about your healing journey or something you want to share with me.

What healing can do for you:

Healing can help you get into alignment with your natural state of being and deepens your connection with yourself and your relationship with life and others.

It can help you increase mental, emotional and spiritual clarity and well-being so that you can experience a deeper sense of connectedness and inner peace.

Oftentimes clients experience a deep relaxation that helps the body to release stress, tension, and subconscious fears and worries.

Healing can help support your continuous spiritual growth and clear away anything that is hindering you from progressing on your spiritual (and life) path.

It can also be an enormous help and support in a spiritual awakening process (ego death, dark night of the soul etc).

Healing helps you get aligned with your flow.

Flow enables you to enjoy a fuller and more enjoyable and productive life.

When you’re in flow with yourself you live in harmony with the universe, and that’s when life starts to work out for you in ways that you have never experienced before. 

Healing sessions can also be helpful if you’re going through a difficult time in your life as it can help calm down and relax your mind, body and spirit so that you can go through any transformational processes with more ease and groundedness.

I’m a Reiki Master but have developed my own form of healing throughout the 15+ years I’ve been a healer, and while my approach is similar, I don’t call myself a Reiki healer anymore.

Questions about any of this? Contact me HERE and let me know them and I’m happy to clarify further.


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Home visits also possible in the areas surrounding Ronda and Marbella (with the additional travel expenses covered by the client). 

Absolute confidentiality guaranteed.

To read testimonials and to book your first initial single session, go here:

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My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.